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Influencer Marketing: How to talk to important people about the good your land trust does

September 6, 2018, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: Viles Room, basement level, Viles Arboretum, 153 Hospital Street, Augusta

Presenter: Betta Stothart, Ethos Marketing & Design, and Sen. Eloise Vitelli (E-Arrowsic)

Cost: FREE but registration required

We live in a world where perception is reality. At the same time, the State of Maine as we know it is at risk – from climate change, rapid development in response to the current housing boom, and even from efforts to roll back environmental policies we’ve worked hard to put in place. Land trusts are on the front lines when it comes to making sure accurate information about land trusts and responsible conservation is getting out to the public at large, and influencers are key to that messaging effort. That’s why you need to be an effective spokesperson for your organization.

Whether recruiting board members, doing outreach to state and local officials, promoting your land trust's accomplishments to the press, or just talking to your neighbor at the grocery store, you are communicating with influencers in your community. Yet even when you're passionate about the good work the land trust does, it can be challenging, and even a little scary. This in-person hands-on workshop will help land trusts do a better job of engaging influencers, providing insight for how to explain the benefits of land conservation to important people, such as town officials, municipal leaders, journalists, or other nonprofit leaders.

Our panel of friendly experts (bios below) will explain how to approach important people, and help you pick up on what they want to learn about your organization. They'll provide tips and advice, and share stories of outreach efforts that really hit the mark, and maybe one or two that crashed and burned. Then we'll break out into smaller groups for peer exchange and some practice! Please join us.

Click here to register. Contact Donna if you have special needs or require additional information.

Our program will begin promptly at 6:00 pm, but you are invited to join us in the Viles Room at the Arboretum for pizza and networking from 5:00 – 6:00 pm.


Our Presenters:

BETTA STOTHART   Writer, Editor, Senior Public Relations Advisor at Ethos

Betta Stothart is a writer, editor, and senior public relations advisor with 27 years in Maine’s business landscape. She excels at developing strategic communications for a diverse range of clients, from outdoor leadership organizations, to food manufacturers, to nonprofits. Her strength is in getting to understand each client’s deepest raison d’etre and developing a wide array of techniques for broadcasting their message so it can be heard – whether through influencer cultivation, thought leadership development, public relations, content development, or high-impact events. Betta excels at press release development, content development, media pitching, journalistic reporting, event and brand ambassador program development, and media cultivation. She started her career as a journalist and was director of marketing for two highly successful Maine natural food companies before moving into the nonprofit sector, where she was director of communications for the Chewonki Foundation. In 2010, Betta was recognized by the Maine Public Relations Counsel with a Golden Arrow Award.

ELOISE VITELLI  State Sentator (D-Arrowsic), Advocate

Eloise Vitelli began her professional life as an early childhood teacher with the local Head Start program in Waldoboro and then Brunswick, where she helped four and five year olds learn the value of sharing toys and playing well with others. She went on to a career helping others, especially women, participate in the economy through an organization now called New Ventures Maine, which has helped over 35,000 women and men enter the workforce.

Eloise was first elected to the State Senate in a special election, in 2013 and is currently serving her first full term representing District 23, Sagadahoc County and the town of Dresden. She serves on the Marine Resources Committee and the Special Task Force on Maine’s 21st Century Economy and Workforce.

Eloise is a long time resident of Arrowsic where she lives with her husband and her flock of chickens. She is also the mother of two grown sons, both have graduated from Morse High School. Eloise takes joy in being in Maine's great outdoors – gardening, hiking in the woods, walking along the shore, or just sitting in her yard.