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Proposed Conservation Defense Program Clears the First Hurdle

The first goal toward feasibility of the conservation defense insurance program being explored by the Land Trust Alliance has been met, with 13,169 properties committed by 335 land trusts from 46 states. (12,000 were needed to proceed.) But even with this incredible level of participation, more would be better. Foundations may be more eager to give the program the needed $4 to 5 million in capital if they see that over half of the land trusts in America have committed to this program. If you can, please keep those commitments coming in! The more participants in the program, the more sustainable the program will be.

On July 1, 2010 the registration fee increases.

The next steps are to continue to increase participation over the summer. Then at the Alliance board meeting at Rally in Hartford, CT the board will evaluate

  • a full business plan,

  • the risk assessment,

  • an updated 10 year proposed budget and

  • a fundraising plan.

  • The Alliance board will vote then on proceeding with the next phase of raising the needed 4 to 5 million capital from foundations and major donors necessary to start the program. After that the Alliance board will have further opportunity to review the feasibility of this program and at least two more phases remain before potential start-up possibly in 2013.

    Click here to visit the Land Trust Alliance website page on this topic.