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Requirements Manual Replaces Guidance Documents

The Land Trust Accreditation Commission has produced the Accreditation Requirements Manual: A Land Trust's Guide to Understanding Key Elements of Accreditation as a resource to help applicants and accredited land trusts be successful in the accreditation process. This comprehensive manual augments and replaces the information previously published in the Commission's Guidance Documents and now provides, all in one manual, information on the elements the Commission evaluates for every indicator practice. View it and print it free here.

The manual is based on Land Trust Standards and Practices and the evolving field of land conservation as well as the Commission's experience in reviewing more than 200 applications for land trust accreditation. It will be updated annually.

In June and July the Commission will be presenting webinars that provide an overview of the Requirements Manual and will have "open call-in hours" after each webinar; please visit the Training section of the Commission website for more details. If you have specific questions on how this relates to your current or future application, the Commission staff welcomes your emails or calls. Email or call 518-587-3143.

The Land Trust Accreditation Commission has also updated the Applicant Handbook, to help better prepare first-time accreditation applicants for the process. Read more and download it here.