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Passport to Maine’s Outdoors Available

Last summer, MLTN and the Land for Maine's Future Coalition joined together to promote the "LMF Works for ME Passport" in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Land for Maine's Future Program. The LMF Passport received so much interest that we decided to do it again for 2018, and this year, L.L. Bean is partnering with us.

L.L. Bean took on the design and printing of the brochure, donated contest prizes, and will be distributing the Passport at their Outdoor Discovery School throughout the summer. MLTN and the LMF Coalition are promoting the 2018 Passport, mailing out brochures to individuals who request them through the website, and managing the website. 

While there is still an emphasis on places conserved with LMF funds, the new "Passport to Maine's Outdoors" also includes land trust preserves, state and national parks, and other public outdoor recreation areas. Like last year, participants simply check off the destinations they visit (no stamps at locations like other similar programs). There is also a section of the passport where one can add non-featured destinations. People are invited to visit to find more information about the 36 highlighted destinations, to learn about other conserved areas in Maine available to the public, AND to enter a drawing for awesome prizes donated by L.L. Bean.

The Passport to Maine’s Outdoors was launched about two and half weeks ago, and the response has been fantastic. In the first two weeks of the 2017 program, we received 54 email requests for passports through the website, and distributed 102 individual Passports. This year, after just over two weeks, we have received 354 emails requests for Passports through the website, and have distributed 1002 individuals Passports. This exceeds our totals for the entire program last year.

We hope land trusts will take advantage and help expand the program’s reach even more. These fun, free, and family-oriented pamphlets are the perfect give-away for land trust events and activities. Contact us and we would be happy to mail you as many as you like.