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Task Force LMF/State Park Recommendation Introduced

Senator Cathy Breen (Democrat – Cumberland County) recently introduced LD 911, “An Act to Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Promote Land Conservation, Working Waterfronts, Water Access and Outdoor Recreation.” LD 911 furthers two of the recommendations being made by the Conservation Task Force, which Senator Breen served on over the past year. Co-sponsoring the bill are Representatives Pat Corey (Republican – Windham) and Dennis Keschl (Republican – Belgrade), both of whom also served on the Task Force, as well as 102 other state legislators.

The bill calls for $75 million in funding for the Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) Program and a $20 million investment in Maine’s State Parks. Both allocations would be spent in equal amounts over five years: $15 million/year for LMF and $4 million/year for State Parks. This is just the first step in the process. Later this session there will be a hearing on the bill and then the full legislature will be asked to weigh in. If at least two-thirds of both the House and Senate support the bond, it would go to voters this November. The last time Maine voters were asked to support a LMF or State Park bond was 2012.

For more information or questions contact MCHT’s Jeff Romano.