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Alnoba (New Hampshire)



Alnoba is a part of the Lewis Family Foundation, the umbrella organization for all of the Lewis Family’s charitable initiatives. It is a results-driven entrepreneurial foundation that works on a global scale with an underlying vision to help change people’s lives and to build strong communities and cultures. Located in Kensington, NH, Alnoba seeks a passionate and results-oriented President who will lead the organization’s administration and programs, as well as its strategic and entrepreneurial direction. Alnoba is a 400-acre refuge of forest, fields, ponds, trails, and exceptional outdoor art that provides opportunities for people to reflect, connect, and create change at home and abroad—all while fostering a respect and gratitude for the planet. The position is 70% program development and operations, 30% strategy. The President will oversee a team of four including Finance, Sales, Marketing, and the General Management. S/he will also be responsible for the financial management, the hiring, developing, directing, and evaluating of all staff, and delivering the impact of Alnoba, ensuring quality and effective programs. The President directly reports to the Chair, Lewis Family Foundation – North.

About Alnoba

Alan Lewis’ family has owned a historic, 400-acre property in Kensington, NH since the 1700s, when the Sawyers and Blakes built small cabins on the property and named them after people they admired: Whittier, Whitman, Burns, and Thoreau. Kensington is where Alan spent his boyhood summers, and where Alan and Harriet take their children to retreat, recharge, and rejoice.

This space in Kensington hosts a variety of groups, organizations, and individuals in search of life transformation through team building, finding a peaceful release, or creating new ways to honor our planet.

The newest addition to the property is a building called Alnoba—a recently completed, LEED-certified building that has been created from the strength and beauty of old New England timbers with modern “green” technology. Having been constructed with such “green” elements as passive and active solar energy systems and a geothermal heat pump, Alnoba is the first “passive” house of its kind in the Northeast.

The word “Alnoba” comes from the Abenaki people and it means “becoming human.” This new building will be the site where the four pillars of the Lewis Family Foundation’s work will come together as they strive to build strong leaders and communities; foster conservation and sustainability; support local farmers, natural food, and healthful living; and provide inspiration through the beauty and art of nature.

Alnoba’s values are the pillars upon which the organization is built. These 4 pillars shape their decisions, direct their growth, and allow them to measure their progress. The pillars are Leadership, Conservation, Wellness, and Arts. For more information on the 4 pillars, click here.

Our Vision

Alnoba is dedicated to developing courageous leadership and sustainability models to help change people’s lives, create stronger communities, and save the earth we share. We believe that it is through deep personal reflection and connection to our humanity and the natural world that we access passion and purpose – transforming how we lead, live, love, build communities, and honor our planet.

Lead from anywhere. Make a Difference. Go deep inside to come out strong. Care about Community. Connect. Live mindfully. Walk the earth. Be wild again. Eat local food. Access passion. Find your purpose. Take risks. Give back.

Our Mission

Alnoba’s mission is to integrate and develop leadership, conservation, wellness, and the arts through innovative programs and a sustainable presence within a 400-acre refuge and its surrounding New Hampshire community.

Alnoba strives to model Conservation. It has forged several strategic alliances with strong environmental leaders and will continue both through these partnerships and its core programming to fund, teach and help mobilize citizens in grassroot conservation efforts.

A new Speakers Series program has just been launched, in which the topics of leadership, conservation, wellness, and art are being addressed.

Supportive programs in the community include retail food provisioning at the Farm at Eastman’s Corner, a year-round community governed market, farm and gathering place at the heart of Kensington’s main street. Across the street, prepared food provisioning takes place at the Kensington Food Barn by the Farm’s culinary team. They prepare food for community meals, and for catered events held on the Alnoba site. All profits plus 5% of sales from the Farm help support the Alnoba legacy program at Sawyer Park, a 30-acre organically managed park with four lit ballfields, a skateboard park, and a playground. Gifted to the town by the Lewis Family, Sawyer Park serves the health and wellness of the community by providing a clean, safe place for families to play and the town to celebrate. In addition, Alnoba will operate the recently acquired and renovated Country Brook Cafe, a small taurant that has served the Kensington community for years.

Our Property

The 400-acre site’s location, property and facilities can serve a wide variety of programs and events.  It includes numerous outdoor meeting areas, 10 miles of trails and boardwalks, and a spectacular collection of outdoor sculpture by internationally renowned artists. Lodging is available at 7 cabins and homes onsite. A newly restored traditional New Hampshire barn offers 2,800 square feet of pond-side event space. The newest addition is the Alnoba building itself, where 19th century timber framing methods meet 21st century green architecture.  It is the first Passive House building of its type in New England, built to reduce energy usage by 75-95% over similar structures. Parts of the 14,000-square foot building are 300-year-old reclaimed timbers, and other timbers come from trees that once stood in its place. The goal is for 100% of the electricity for all Alnoba buildings to be provided by onsite solar panels.

For more information about our programs and our site, click here.


Alan Lewis, Co-Founder of Alnoba

Co-Founder of Alnoba and Alnoba’s Pinnacle Leadership Center. As the Chairman of Grand Circle Corporation, Alan shapes the company’s vision and direction. Over the last 30 years, he has transformed Grand Circle from a $23 million travel company that was losing $2 million a year into a global enterprise with gross sales of $700 million. Alan has been recognized for his philanthropic leadership. He earned the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy’s Excellence Award for CEO leadership
and innovation in philanthropy and was named Ernst & Young’s New England “Social Entrepreneur of the Year.” He and his wife, Harriet authored “Driving with No Brakes,” the story of how they built one of the country’s most successful travel companies.

Harriet Lewis, Co-Founder of Alnoba

An educator, philanthropist and world traveler, she is passionate about helping guide social change and developing gutsy leaders—with a special focus on women and youths. Harriet founded the Next Generation Leaders, a program to provide rising college freshmen from Boston’s Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan neighborhoods with work, service and international travel opportunities to advance their leadership and improve their chances of success in life and college.

Opportunities and Challenges Facing the President

Alnoba greatly expanded it facilities and programming to the public in January 2017, many areas are still in the early stages of program development, establishing operating policies and procedures, community outreach and reaching financial sustainability.

The President will benefit from a strong operations and site management team with many long-term associates.  However, she/he will need to be a strong visionary who can develop stronger financial acumen and social mission alignment/awareness throughout the organization.

The challenge is to take what is now in development and lead it to be a viable organization both programmatically and financially. Alnoba is not an organization in transition but should be considered an organization in high growth potential.  This provides huge opportunities for the right passionate and visionary leader to build the organization into a much sought after, innovative and leading-edge destination for leadership development; wellness education; conservation and the arts.

The new President will be expected to accomplish three goals within the first year of assuming the position:

  1. Lead Alnoba to sustainability by 2020 (60%) A. Financial Sustainability, B. Environment – net Zero across property.
  2. Drive the achievement of Alnoba’s core mission goals with focus on Worldwide Conservation (through Strategic Partnerships plans/goals) and Leadership Development.
  3. Submit a 3-year (2019-2021) Sustainability Plan 6 months from hire.

Qualifications and Experience

The incoming President will apply their experience as an inspiring leader, manager and communicator to be an authentic advocate for Alnoba, its vision, mission, and its future. S/he will need to clearly demonstrate a deep passion and interest in conservation, the environment, and sustainability.

The President should possess many of the following professional and personal abilities, attributes, and experiences:

  • A confident, energetic, and optimistic commitment to the mission of Alnoba;
  • A proven record as an inspirational, motivational leader who demonstrates passion for an organization’s mission;
  • Entrepreneurial spirit for developing experiences and programs in support of the organization’s mission and aligning strategic plans with organizational capacity and financial resources;
  • Has guided an organization through setting and achieving measurable goals and developed long term organizational financial strategies;
  • Ability to be successful in managing both social and financial bottom lines;
  • Ability to advocate for identifying and finding solutions to environmental issues while promoting the importance of sustainable technologies and communities;
  • Willingness to go the distance and fight the environmental battles where needed;
  • A healthy sense of humor and an appreciation for the flexibility, creativity, and twists and turns that are often part of an entrepreneurial environment;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to serve as a compelling spokesperson who can articulate Alnoba’s mission and work to a variety of stakeholders;
  • Inspirational, collaborative, and goal-oriented management style, who possesses a unifying voice to mobilize, lead, facilitate, and inspire trust amongst staff, Board, and other constituents; and
  • Roots in New Hampshire/New England strongly preferred.

To Apply

The Lewis Family Foundation and Alnoba have engaged Koya Leadership Partners to help in this hire. This search process is being led by Mo Lashendock, Josy Roche, and Andy Evans. To express your interest in this role, please submit your materials, including your letter of interest and resume here.

ALNOBA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

About Koya Leadership Partners:

Koya Leadership Partners is a national retained executive search and human capital consulting firm that works exclusively with mission-driven organizations, institutions of higher education and social enterprises. We deliver measurable results, finding exceptionally talented people who truly fit the unique culture of our client organizations and ensuring that organizations have the resources and strategies to support them. For more information, visit