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Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed

Courtesy Boat Inspector Coordinator

Job Description

The Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed was founded in 2001 as a citizen grass-roots effort to assist in the protection of local water quality. Within the 217 square mile area of the Cobbossee Watershed, there are 28 major lakes, ponds, and streams; four of which are infested with invasive variable leaf water milfoil.                                                                                                                                            

The Friends educational and conservation programs aim to combat the two main threats to our waters: Invasive Aquatic Plants and Non-Point Source pollution.

The Friend’s Courtesy Boat Inspection program educates boaters on the need for preventing invasive plants from being introduced to our local lakes and ponds, and the responsibility of boaters to check their boats for any plant fragments when entering or leaving a body of water. Ten public boat launches are staffed by paid and volunteer inspectors during times of highest use; usually weekends and holidays. The Friends employ, train and manage over 20 staff inspectors each year. The Courtesy Boat Inspection Coordinator is responsible for training, managing, and scheduling the inspectors, as well as processing submitted inspection sheets and entering inspection data into an excel spreadsheet. This position fulfills program coordinating needs, such as communicating with staff to provide updates, connecting with local lake associations to find out staffing needs and visiting inspectors in the field to answer questions and provide assistance.

The Friends are seeking a highly organized individual with attention to detail and excellent communication skills for the CBI Coordinator position.


  • Excellent written & verbal communication and presentation skills, particularly with the public.
  • Attention to detail in filling out paperwork, recording data (Excel) and creating schedules
  • Available Mid-May to at least the end of August, 40 hours per week.

Responsibilities Include

  • Scheduling staff members for all shifts required
  • Corresponding with staff to inform of changes to procedure, scheduling issues, etc.
  • Providing supervisory oversight as necessary, including answering procedure questions
  • Checking inspection sheets
  • Responding to plant identification questions and inquiries
  • Entering inspection data into FOCW and State databases
  • Greeting visitors to FOCW office and facilitating answers to visitor questions
  • Fulfill other duties as assigned to further the mission of the organization.

Desired Skills

  • Familiarity with aquatic plants or botany in general
  • Experience managing, supervising and scheduling staff (with patience in handling a variety of personalities)
  • Interest in environmental and conservation issues
  • Good sense of humor J

To Apply

Please send resume, cover letter, and three references to: Tamara Whitmore, Executive Director, Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed or P.O. Box 5003, Augusta, ME 04332