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7 Lakes Alliance

Courtesy Boat Inspection Coordinator (temporary)

Position Description

May through Sep (slightly negotiable)

1. Take Courtesy Boat Inspection and Invasive Plant Patrol trainings at earliest opportunity.

2. Lake Association Liaison

  • Establish and Maintain close working relationship with each Lake Association’s Milfoil Volunteer Coordinator

  • Maintain adequate supplies of Courtesy Boat Inspector materials (clipboards, questionnaires, t-shirts, etc.)

  • Develop an efficient means of supplying CBI materials to Lake Association Volunteer Coordinators.

  • Train these Coordinators to recruit and supervise volunteer Courtesy Boat Inspectors (CBI’s) at their own lakes

3. Hiring

  • Assist 7 Lakes Alliance Milfoil Program CBI Director in hiring CBI’s as necessary.

    • Make certain all forms are completed at this time:  State and Federal W-4 forms, INS I-9 form, and 7 Lakes Alliance Emergency Contact Information form.

    • Be sure the employee is given a copy of 7 Lakes Alliance Personnel Policies

4. Training, Scheduling and Supervising

  • Learn to present the Courtesy Boat Inspectors’ Workshop

  • Schedule and publicize Workshops

  • Obtain and Package training supplies

    • Shop for training supplies

      • Clipboards

      • Baggies

      • Pens

      • Sharpie markers

    • Print Manuals for workshops

  • Maintain Trainee Lists, distribute to volunteer coordinators and LEA

  • Schedule boat inspectors for seven boat ramps at six different lakes using on line scheduling program.

  • Supervise CBIs as necessary to ensure high standards of performance.

  • Collect and review Employee time sheets and deliver to Exec. Director for processing and payment.

  • Distribute list of employees, including name, address, phone, cell phone to Lake Associations.

  • Distribute list of Lake Association and 7 Lakes Alliance supervisory personnel phone numbers to CBI’s.

  • Deliver and secure “Boat Inspection Today” signs to Great and Long Pond boat ramps at the beginning of the season, and retrieve and store in the office at the end of the season.

  • Maintain a copy of Emergency Contact Phone Numbers submitted by employees to be used in the event of injury or illness on the job (copy also to be kept in Executive Director’s files).


  • Collect, Screen, copy, and Mail Survey Data to the LEA as required by DEP.

  • Maintain record of mileage when traveling on employment-related trips and submit to Executive Director for reimbursement.

  • Maintain database of survey information for Interim and Final DEP Grant reports

  • Follow-up on Plant Finds with Pete, DEP and VLMP and notify  individual who reported the fragment of the outcome.

  • Assist with the DEP Grant Interim Report and DEP Grant Final Report due end of September, in conjunction with BRCA Executive Director.

  • Assist with writing Final reports for Lake Associations and towns after submission of Grant Report to DEP.

To Apply

Please send a resume, cover letter, and three references to:

            7 Lakes Alliance Milfoil Program

            PO Box 250

            Belgrade Lakes, ME 04918


For more information contact Amy Soper at or (207) 495-6039