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Photo of morning mist rising over Babson Creek

This property on Mount Desert Island is protected by Maine Coast Heritage Trust (photo ┬ęSara Gray)

Maine Conserved Lands Registry

In 2007, the Maine Legislature enacted a new law amending Maine's authorizing legislation for conservation easements. As part of that enactment, the Legislature directed the State Planning Office (SPO) to establish a mandatory statewide registry for all conservation easements held in Maine. All holders of conservation easements on real estate in Maine must register their easements and annually confirm the monitoring status of these easements.

In April 2009, SPO rolled out their statewide registry for conservation easements. All holders of conservation easements must update the state run registry by March 30th each year. In light of the need for land trusts to comply with these reporting requirements, Maine Coast Heritage Trust has decided to discontinue further updates to their Conserved Lands Registry.

Learn more about the state conservation easement registry, or create an account.