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Forest Society of Maine

Attean Pond and Islands

West Branch of the Penobscot River

Aerial view of Moosehead Lake

Contact Information

Main Contact

  • Karin Tilberg, Executive Director
  • 115 Franklin Street, 3rd Floor
  • Bangor, ME 04401
  • Phone: 207-945-9200 |  FAX: 207-945-9229
  • Email:

    Alternate Contact

    • Jake Metzler, Director of Forestland Conservation
    • 115 Franklin St, 3rd Floor
    • Bangor, ME 04401
    • Phone: 207-945-9200 |  FAX: 207-945-9229
    • Email:

MLTN Member

Mission Statement

The mission of the Forest Society of Maine (FSM) is to conserve Maine's forestlands in a manner that sustains the ecological, economic, cultural, and recreational values of the Maine woods. As Maine's land trust for the North Woods, FSM focuses its efforts to promote the conservation of functional, working forest landscapes with multiple social and ecological values.



Quick Facts

  • Number of Staff: 8.00
  • Membership: NA
  • Annual Meeting: June
  • Newsletter: Forest View
  • Acres owned: 1,808
  • Number of Parcels: 4
  • Acres under Conservation Easement: 803,469
  • Number of Parcels: 38
  • Founded: 1984
  • Protect Maine's forestlands, primarily through conservation easements
  • Develop and apply new monitoring techniques for large-scale working forest conservation easements
  • Further our own and others' knowledge and understanding of working forest conservation easements, particularly at the landscape scale, and develop and apply new strategies in working forest conservation
  • Utilize a collaborative approach by working with the full range of interests and stakeholders to gather information and perspectives before development of each working forest conservation project
  • Find practical solutions that work and promote the connections between sustainable forestry and sustainable communities
  • Provide technical assistance and informational seminars and materials on working forestland conservation easements to landowners, public agencies, communities, and other land trusts

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