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Francis Small Heritage Trust, Inc.

The View From Sawyer's. Wonderful fall foliage, and spectacular scenery! An hour west of Portland, Maine.

The HIGHLANDS: A part of the Francis Small Heritage Trust lands, in York County, Maine.

Entrance to the Francis Small Heritage Trust: Hiking entrance at Loyd's Corner, in Limington, Maine. See our Map in the PDF format Newsletter: THE TURTLE, at our website: http://www.FSHT.ORG

Contact Information

Main Contact

  • Dick Jarrett, Treasurer
  • P.O. Box 414
  • Limerick, ME 04048
  • Phone: 207-637-2879 
  • Email:

MLTN Member

Mission Statement

To set aside natural, undeveloped land to enhance the quality of all our lives, by protecting from development places for recreation, healthy wildlife and plant populations, and sources of clean water.


Southern Maine: York and Cumberland counties; Beginning with the five towns of: Limerick, Cornish, Limington, Newfield and Parsonfield

Quick Facts

  • Number of Staff: 0.00
  • Membership: 200
  • Annual Meeting: October
  • Newsletter: Tidings of the Turtle
  • Acres owned: 1458
  • Number of Parcels: 4
  • Acres under Conservation Easement: 545
  • Number of Parcels: 7
  • Founded: 1990
  • Hikes up Sawyer Mountain with school, scout, and other groups
  • We teach conservation and preservation so that the land and the open spaces are here for our grandchildren and their grandchildren
  • We protect the character of the land centered (currently) around the original five Ossipee towns, while supporting compatible land use such as agriculture and forestry
  • Seminars on tree growth and taxes
  • Seminars on ice storm damage
  • Seminars on Invasive Species
  • Longfellow afternoon (not currently active)
  • Promoted the construction of bat houses as an environmental pest control

I am the Webmaster for this Trust.