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New England Forestry Foundation, Inc.

Contact Information

Main Contact

  • William Brune, Director of Land Protection
  • P.O. Box 1346
  • Littleton, MA 01460
  • Phone: 978-952-6856 |  FAX: 978-952-6356
  • Email:

MLTN Member

Mission Statement

At the core of New England Forestry Foundation's work stands the belief that both conserving forestland and practicing sustainable forestry are essential to preserving the beauty, prosperity, wildlife habitats, and unique character of our region for future generations. Our approach strives to serve and unite people and organizations across the region to support the long-term health of New England's forests, and to guarantee their continued environmental, recreational, and economic benefits for all New Englanders. NEFF is dedicated to providing for the conservation and ecologically sound management of New England's privately held and municipal forestland.


All New England

Quick Facts

  • Number of Staff: 15.00
  • Membership: 700
  • Annual Meeting: June
  • Newsletter: Into the Woods
  • Acres owned: 27,147
  • Number of Parcels: 143 Community Forests
  • Acres under Conservation Easement: 1,147,642
  • Number of Parcels: 145
  • Founded: 1944
How does NEFF work to accomplish our mission?
  • We conserve forestland for future generations through purchases, gifts, and bequests of land and easements.
  • We actively manage NEFF-owned lands as demonstration and education forests, applying advanced practices in sustainable forestry and modeling tools and techniques that private landowners may wish to adopt.
  • We advocate for policies and incentives that encourage and sustain private forestland ownership, ensuring that landowners have economically viable alternatives to selling their land for development.
  • We keep 143 NEFF lands open to the public as Community Forests, with no charge for admission, ensuring New Englanders have access to all the recreational opportunities that forests provide.
  • We are a resource for forestland owners in our region, helping them to achieve their own land management and legacy objectives.
  • We educate landowners and the general public about the importance of forestry through outreach and programming.
  • We steward conservation easements that have been entrusted to us, ensuring that landowners' conservation intents are sustained in accordance with their expressed wishes.
  • We are future-focused, and committed to innovation and integrity. NEFF helps prepare the region for a future where forestry is increasingly important, not only to keep forests healthy in the face of climate change, but also as a part of a global environmental solution to climate change. We engage in numerous strategic initiatives to expand the region's land protection capacity, further forest education, and ensure that NEFF fulfills its mission.
  • We endorse and partner with organizations and supporters to work towards the Harvard Forest Wildlands and Woodlands vision to conserve 30 million acres of New England forest.

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