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Scarborough Land Trust

Broadturn Farm

Libby River Farm Preserve

Fuller Farm Preserve

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Mission Statement

Scarborough Land Trust (SLT) is private, non-profit, community-based organization committed to being a conservation leader by providing the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to conserve land where natural resources, scenic vistas, and historical significance offer unique value to our community.



Quick Facts

  • Number of Staff: 3.00
  • Membership: 400
  • Annual Meeting: Spring
  • Newsletter: Tracts & Trails
  • Acres owned: 1,268
  • Number of Parcels: 19
  • Acres under Conservation Easement: 124
  • Number of Parcels: 7
  • Founded: 1977
  • Scarborough is geographically one of the largest towns in southern Maine and has been one of the fastest growing towns in the state. Scarborough is home to Maine's largest salt marsh, the Scarborough Marsh, and diverse natural resources that include five rivers, stunning beaches and coastline, mature forests and vast acres of prime farmland.
  • Six SLT properties provide public access: The 434-acre Broadturn Farm property, a portionof which is leased to local farmers who offer field-grown flowers, organic vegetables, farm weddings, summer camp for kids and other education programs. There is also a 0.6 mile hiking trail with more trails in the planning stage. The 22-acre Fuller Farm property, with sweeping fields and a network of woods trails with frontage on the Nonesuch River, the largest source of fresh water for the Scarborough Marsh. The 123-acre Libby River Farm property, which includes an observation deck overlooking the marsh. The 35-acre Sewell Woods property, with a trail that leads to Frith Farm, an organic farm protected by Maine Farmland Trust. The 135-acre Pleasant Hill Preserve, with 1.5 miles of trail through forest and fields, including a 0.25-mile Universal Access trail. The 156-acre Warren Woods property, with 1.4 miles of temporary trail and more in the planning stage.
  • We manage our properties for public access, wildlife habitat, open space, and sustainable forest management. We are actively engaged in restoring habitat for the state-endangered New England cottontail rabbit on two of our properties.
  • We partner with Friends of Scarborough Marsh and the Eastern Trail Alliance for land protection and expansion of public recreation opportunities.
  • We collaborate with Maine Farmland Trust for protection of farmland properties.

I am the Webmaster for this Trust.