Strengthening Our Communities

Photo: Western Foothills Land Trust

In addition to welcoming visitors to public preserves, Maine land trusts serve communities in many other ways.

Partnering with Local Schools

More than 30,000 Maine students participate in land trust-sponsored education programs in Maine each year! Land trusts partner with local schools to create outdoor classrooms, promote field trips, and engage students in hands-on learning opportunities.

Maintaining Municipal Parks and State Lands

Maine land trusts act as key partners with municipal and state governments in developing, maintaining, and monitoring hiking trails, boat launch sites, picnic areas, and other outdoor recreational amenities enjoyed by visitors on public lands around the state.

Improving Water Quality

Many land trusts collaborate with local governments and private landowners to restore wetlands, monitor water quality, improve fish passage, and implement other practices to protect rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, and to safeguard clean drinking water.

Connecting with Nature

An estimated 65,000 people attend land trust events in Maine every year. Activities range from guided walks for senior citizens, to “learn to fish days” for youth, to outdoor concerts, to beach clean ups, and everything in between.