Engineering Equipment Operator

Acadia National Park

Opening posted: 01/29/2024 | Expires: 05/29/2024

Apply via website

Read the full job announcement and job description at before submitting a federal resume and other required documents.

Job duties include:

  • Operates full range of track and wheel mounted engineering equipment such as motor grader, front end loader, bulldozer, excavator, backhoe, snow plows, sander and dump truck.
  • Performs typical duties such as grade roads and building sites, push material into piles, load and drive trucks, dig trenches, clear sites of brush.
  • Moves equipment from site to site using truck and trailer.
  • Digs and cleans ditches. Installs culverts with outlets, inlets, and head walls.
  • Removes and trims trees. Chips, bucks, and hauls down wood using chain saws, chippers, and chip trucks.
  • Assists with maintenance and repair of equipment.
  • Operates small equipment and hand tools such as chains saws, chipper, brusher, shovels and rakes.
  • Performs general maintenance work such as erecting signs, repairing fence, cutting vegetation, or cleaning ditch.
  • Leads work of lower graded employees at times.

Park housing is available on a limited basis and is not guaranteed. 

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