Lake Warden

Megunticook Watershed Association

Opening posted: 02/14/2023 | Expires: 05/01/2023

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The Megunticook Watershed Association is a 501(c)3 membership organization whose mission is protect, preserve and restore the natural resources of the watershed to ensure a healthy ecosystem for the benefit and enjoyment of all. In fulfilling this mission, the MWA undertakes numerous activities, including water quality monitoring, invasive plant inspections, courtesy property inspections, public education, and advocacy.

Reports to: Executive Director

The Lake Warden serves as the eyes and ears – and, for many, the face – of the Association on the water and throughout the watershed, carrying out patrols and courtesy safety inspections throughout the year.

Duties and Responsibilities 

Patrols: Monitors the waters and watershed for events, conditions or activities that may impact the health of the ecosystem, the safety of people and property, or the enjoyment of the abundant natural resources in the watershed.

Patrols are carried out by boat, snowmobile, on foot, and by automobile. The Warden is responsible for maintenance of the MWA’s patrol boat and snowmobile.

Patrol territory includes public and publicly accessible lands and waters, and private property of MWA members.

Public Education: On patrol, provides education to the public as to the importance of applicable laws and regulations for safety and environmental health (Lake Warden has no authority for enforcement of any laws or regulations.) Offers “courtesy” advice to users of the watershed when violations are observed. Develop a working relationship with relevant enforcement agencies and personnel. Speaks to school groups and other interested groups about water safety and the watershed ecosystem.

Wildlife Management: In consultation with state Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, conducts MWA’s on-going Canada Goose control program (egg addling), installs and maintains loon nesting platforms, monitors loon population, monitors beaver activity, and other projects to maintain a healthy and balanced wildlife population.

Water Quality Monitoring: Warden may be called upon to carry out water quality monitoring, invasive plant surveys, and other tasks related to ensuring clean water and a healthy ecosystem.

Supervises:  Assists Executive Director in supervising summer Lake Stewards and volunteers.

Works closely with: Executive Director, Board and committees, volunteers, Association members and the public.


  • Minimum High School diploma.
  • Have or be able to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the geography, hydrology and ecosystem of the watershed, as well as of regulations regarding watersport safety and land use in proximity to water bodies.
  • Ability to relate constructively with the general public, volunteers and local enforcement agencies.
  • Experience in handling outboard motorboat and snowmobile.
  • Ability to work outdoors in all seasons; able to handle rough terrain on foot.
  • Comfortable working with wildlife in the field.

This is a half-time, hourly position. Hours are flexible and variable. Weekend work is required, especially during the summer boating season. The Warden must have reliable transportation. Lifting up to 50 pounds, able to work outdoors in all seasons, ability to walk over rough terrain, able to safely operate motorboat and snowmobile.

NOTE: The positions of Executive Director and Lake Warden may be combined into one full-time hourly position. When applying, please stipulate if you seek this combined position.

Resumes and cover letters from interested parties should be emailed to