Summary of Past L.L.Bean Maine Land Trust Grant Awards

2023-2024 Awards: Total Granted $65,000 

  • $10,000 to Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust to complete a long-awaited trail re-route at the Cathance River Nature Preserve, involving installation of remaining 28 wooden box steps in a series of 40 that were in the original plan but couldn’t be completed because of rising material costs 
  • $10,000 to Cape Elizabeth Land Trust for the design and planning of a new parking area with accessible spaces at their most popular preserve, Robinson Woods, the first phase of a larger plan to create a universally accessible trail while also addressing traffic concerns 
  • $5,000 to Downeast Coastal Conservancy to create an outdoor classroom at Dennys River Mill Pond, located within a short walking distance of Edmunds Consolidated School, where students will be engaged in trail design and creation  
  • $3,000 to Falmouth Land Trust for improved signage at ten trailheads that have historically caused confusion, creating a clearer, more welcoming presence for all 
  • $10,000 to Greater Lovell Land Trust to convert the existing 0.25-mile Storybook Trail at their Kezar River Reserve from a conventional hiking trail to an accessible trail, expanding access to their nature programs and ensuring that all people can enjoy the regularly updated storyboard 
  • $5,000 to Loon Echo Land Trust to replace wooden steps at the Ham Bridge in Pondicherry Park, mainly used by students accessing the Park from the adjacent Stevens Brook Elementary School, with a 60′ wooden access ramp, and to also upgrade 75′ of trail 
  • $7,000 to Somerset Woods Trustees to make public access improvements and increase program opportunities in the Wesserunsett Trails Network, an in-town trail system that provides ready access to the outdoors within easy walking distance of the densely populated eastern neighborhoods of Skowhegan 
  • $5,500 to Kennebec Land Trust to restore three acres of wild blueberry fields at the Davidson Nature Preserve in Vassalboro, to increase blueberry production and offer public programs, supporting public access to the property 
  • $5,000 to Three Rivers Land Trust to help provide stewardship capacity support, and for tools and equipment to engage volunteers from marginalized communities to work with them at the Sanford Community Forest 
  • $4,500 to Western Foothills Land Trust to match funds – raised by the community when a beloved ski coach retired – for a solar-LED-illuminated 2k ski loop at Roberts Farm in Norway 

2022-2023 Awards: Total Granted $12,750 

  • $2,750 to 12 Rivers Conservation Initiative to support coordination of a regional response to Hemlock Woolly Adelgid by the newly established 12 Rivers Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Working Group
  • $2,500 to Blue Hill Heritage Trust to create an accessible path and viewing platform at the new Edgehill property, with multiple accessibility features
  • $2,500 to Downeast Lakes Land Trust to help fund construction of an accessible, trailered boat launch on Horseshoe Lake, providing new access to a 400-acre lake in Lakeville, Maine
  • $2,500 to Georges River Land Trust to help purchase a durable bridge frame for the Route 90 Georges Highland Path Trailhead, restoring access that was lost when the old bridge collapsed in 2019
  • $2,500 Harpswell Heritage Land Trust to help fund a parking area and trail at the new Anna M Tondreau Preserve in Great Island, directly across the street from the local public elementary school

2021-2022 Awards: Total Granted $12,750

  • $2,500 to Frenchman Bay Conservancy to support a multi-pronged stewardship effort in cooperation with the Downeast Conservation Network, featuring a train-the-trainer trail building workshop for conservation groups in the region
  • $4,000 to Kennebec Estuary Land Trust for capital improvements and project oversight to expand and improve the Whiskeag Trail, a heavily used 5-mile multi-use trail in Bath, a joint effort of the Bath Trails collaboration
  • $3,000 to Saco Valley Land Trust to boost stewardship capacity and professionalize their stewardship program in line with Land Trust Standards and Practices
  • $3,250 to Scarborough Land Trust to support various infrastructure improvements at Fuller Farm Preserve, to enhance visitor experience and protect sensitive habitat

2020-2021 Awards: Total Granted $12,750

  • $3,500 to Coastal Mountains Land Trust to purchase 5 TRAFx trail counters in order to develop and implement a methodical visitor count on CMLT preserves
  • $3,800 to Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust to layout and design a multi-use trail, a wheel-chair accessible trail, and infrastructure to create a new gateway to the Wildlands
  • $2,850 to Somerset Woods Trustees for public access improvements at the wildly popular Weston Woods & Waters Preserve in Madison
  • $2,600 to Western Foothills Land Trust for costs related to public access improvements that will create the single-track Farm-to-Town Trail, in anticipation of increased use this upcoming season

2019-2020 Awards: Total Granted $12,750

  • $1,000 to Crabtree Neck Land Trust to create a management plan for their Ice Pond Preserve, to help shape a long-term future for the property
  • $4,000 to Downeast Lakes Land Trust to cover the cost of a crew and materials to construct the Tower Hill Connector Trail at the new DLLT Headquarters and Outdoors Center
  • $1,250 to Falmouth Land Trust to support the production of user-friendly maps for a number of their most frequently used properties
  • $3,500 to Kennebec Estuary Land Trust for a parking lot and entrance connection trail to increase safety at the Lilly Pond Community Forest, a popular in-town preserve used by families, hikers, and mountain bikers
  • $3,000 to Loon Echo Land Trust to support construction of an accessible trail, parking area, and associated signage at their newest preserve, Peabody-Fitch Woods

2018-2019 Awards: Total Granted $12,750

  • $3,500 to Blue Hill Heritage Trust for construction of an age-friendly trail within central Blue Hill, the first leg in the revitalization of an older trail that will connect Parker Point and South Street trail to other walking paths
  • $2,750 to Cape Elizabeth Land Trust to hire a land planning professional to author a comprehensive management plan to guide creation of an ecologically-sensitive public access network on the brand new Spurwink conservation land in the heart of Cape Elizabeth, with links to existing popular trails
  • $3,500 to Great Works Regional Land Trust to underwrite the cost of engaging a professional civil engineer consultant to design a 45-foot pedestrian bridge to cross the Negutaquet River at the Negutaquet Conservation Area, connecting it to North Berwick’s Town Forest
  • $2,000 to Midcoast Conservancy to provide safe parking for public access to McLaughlin’s Crossing Community Forest, which has the potential to become a critical permanent location for community programming and recreational activities
  • $1,000 to Mount Agamenticus to the Sea Initiative to help update regional trails map, encouraging responsible use and stewardship of the land, and highlighting the 4 trails in the region that allow universal access to the mobility challenged

2017-2018 Awards: Total Granted $12,750

  • $4,000 to Downeast Lakes Land Trust towards construction of a universally accessible trail in the Downeast Lakes Community Forest, the first in northern Washington County, featuring sweeping views and frequent wildlife sightings.
  • $2,229 to Kennebunkport Conservation Trust to create a free all-inclusive map for outdoor recreation in the town, including trails, boat launch sites, beach access points, town and federal conserved lands, and other recreational information.
  • $1,521 to Loon Echo Land Trust for 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets, which will allow more accurate and efficient collection of stewardship data in the field.
  • $2,000 to Phippsburg Land Trust to continue building its stewardship program capacity based on the successful model developed in previous years with help from a 2015 LL Bean grant.
  • $3,000 to Presumpscot Regional Land Trust to expand and enhance the western half of the Gorham Cross Town Trail, which connects the middle school to the high school and which the trust recently acquired through its merger with Gorham Trails.

2016-2017 Awards: Total Granted $22,750

  • $4,000 to Coastal Mountains Land Trust to support development of a Recreational Trail Plan that will involve input from diverse community partners and user groups, to guide the development and future management of the Round the Mountain Trail. 
  • $3,597 to Georges River Land Trust for materials to build a tractor bridge at the Trolley Marsh Preserve that will enhance public access while facilitating management objectives to keep the habitat intact, and create future opportunities for research and demonstration.
  • $5,000 to Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust for infrastructure and stewardship work necessary to prepare the new Kimball Preserve in Bucksport for public use.
  • $3,800 to Harpswell Heritage Land Trust for a path, interpretive sign and picnic table area accessible to mobility impaired people on its Curtis Preserve; also to construct stone steps on an informal path created by fisherman to access productive flats and fishing opportunities, stopping current erosion.
  • $3,353 to Medomak Valley Land Trust for a parking lot and necessary bridges at the new Riverbrook Preserve, enhancing access for hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, swimming and boating.
  • $3,000 to Orono Land Trust for signage, a kiosk, and gravel parking area for the new Davis Forest – a collaborative project with the Town of Veazie that connects the public McPheters Forest and Orono Land Trust’s Manter Wood conservation easement.

2015-2016 Awards: Total Granted $22,750

  • $4,000 to Damariscotta River Association to improve trails and parking areas at three preserves, including enhancements that will make it easier for seniors and persons with disabilities to tour the historic Great Salt Bay Preserve.
  • $4,000 to Phippsburg Land Trust to continue building its stewardship program capacity by improving easement monitoring, prepare management plans, and make recordkeeping improvements to meet Land Trust Standards and Practices.
  • $4,000 to Presumpscot Regional Land Trust to develop a 2-mile loop trail connecting two new properties in Westbrook that will allow the public opportunities for hiking, picnicking, snowshoeing and the chance to watch alewives – absent for the past hundred years but recently returned – swim up Mill Brook to spawn.
  • $4,216 to Sebasticook Regional Land Trust to replace a critical bridge along the Connor Mill Trail, a much-loved community destination and part of the CommUnity Trails project that provides opportunities for walking and nature study, as well as fishing access just 0.3 miles from downtown Unity.
  • $4,500 to Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance on behalf of the Waldo County Trails Coalition, to help offset infrastructure costs for the new Hills to Sea Trail, a 40-mile+ footpath from Unity to Belfast.
  • $2,034 to Small Woodland Owners of Maine to expand their digital data gathering pilot project, with the ultimate goal of creating an affordable mobile conservation easement monitoring solution to be made available to all land trusts.

2014-2015 Awards: Total Granted $22,750

  • $5,000 to Boothbay Region Land Trust to improve parking, develop trails and erect signage at a 19-acre parcel near the entrance to the Town of Boothbay, facilitating access to over 300 acres of productive clam flats on the Cross River and opening it up for low impact recreation.
  • $4,000 to Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust to construct a parking area at Chase Reserve, a spectacular 194-acre property on Maquoit Bay, allowing access to part of the largest unfragmented coastal forest block in Cumberland County.
  • $3,665 to Downeast Coastal Conservancy to help ensure the survival of the unique botanical specimens at the Pike Lands, enhancing partnerships and reclaiming a unique community asset and educational tool.
  • $3,425 to Kennebec Estuary Land Trust to construct a trail loop that will connect to the existing trail network of Reid State Park, providing access to the isolated and beautiful Morse Pond and its rare natural communities.
  • $3,000 to Mahoosuc Land Trust for a rain garden to deal with parking lot run-off, helping complete its Androscoggin Canoe Trail Program, the goal of which is to provide river access every 5 miles between Gilead and Rumford, ME.
  • $3,660 to Somerset Woods Trustees to construct two parking areas to provide safe access to the trail system at Coburn Woods, a 310-acre parcel within close proximity to Skowhegan.

2013-2014 Awards: Total Granted $22,750

  • $2,330 to Chebeague and Cumberland Land Trust for stewardship tool kits including GPS units, compasses and field binders, to increase stewardship capacity and assure integrity and accuracy at this all-volunteer, accredited land trust.
  • $5,000 to Harpswell Heritage Land Trust to construct a parking area and accessory facilities to allow safe access to the shores and trails of its new Curtis Farm Preserve, accommodating multi-faceted recreational opportunities and access for clam and worm diggers.
  • $4,095 to Island Heritage Trust to create a formal “Friends of Settlement Quarry Preserve” group that will serve as a model for other IHT properties, providing a needed boost to the trust’s stewardship capabilities.
  • $5,000 to Loon Echo Land Trust for erosion control and other trail-enhancements at Pleasant Mountain preserve. The 10-mile trail system is visited by tens of thousands of visitors annually, and these funds will improving visitors’ experiences while protecting important natural communities.
  • $2,500 to Vinalhaven Land Trust for additional staff time and hiring a conflict resolution professional to support their efforts to reduce tensions, build mutual respect and tolerance, and identify potential compromises and solutions to the currently volatile situation involving ATV use on VLT preserves.
  • $3,825 to The Windham Land Trust to develop more equitable public access at their Black Brook Preserve property by improving entrances, parking areas and information kiosks, thereby increasing stewardship capacity and raising awareness and visibility within their community, a critical step towards community engagement.

2012-2013 Awards: Total Granted $22,750

  • $4,000 to Great Works Regional Land Trust for new trails, bog bridges, parking areas, and public information at four of its conservation areas including Grant’s Meadow in Berwick/North Berwick, a town which has never had a public trail before.
  • $4,000 to Medomak Valley Land Trust to create a new access point and trails in the Peters Pond Conservation Area, formalizing public access to this locally popular swimming and fishing area.
  • $4,000 to Pemaquid Watershed Association to develop management plans for two new and two existing preserves, an important step in preparing them for Land Trust Accreditation.
  • $4,000 to Presumpscot Regional Land Trust to hire a temporary Stewardship Coordinator to conduct management plans on three public access properties and to manage the Great Falls Elementary School project for third-grade students.
  • $2,750 to Royal River Conservation Trust for outreach to highlight the full potential of conservation work on the Royal River via creation of the Royal River Water Trail.
  • $4,000 to Western Foothills Land Trust for an ADA compliant access ramp and entry deck for the warming hut at Roberts Farm Preserve, home to SAD17’s afterschool and weekend ski programs and numerous other recreational activities.

2011-2012 Awards: Total Granted $22,750

  • $5,000 to Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust to construct a pedestrian bridge across Clay Brook in Topsham to connect two trail networks and a planned municipal park, resulting in 7 miles of connected trails.
  • $3,250 to Georges River Land Trust for materials to create a one-mile trail that connects two town-owned properties in St. George, thus expanding outdoor opportunities for the midcoast Maine community.
  • $4,747 to Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust to mark and maintain two miles of boundary in the Great Pond Mountain Wildlands, increasing stewardship capacity, building their volunteer base, and strengthening relationships with neighbors.
  • $5,000 to Kennebec Estuary Land Trust to support the Overlook Trail upgrade at Thorne Head Preserve, which will provide recreational opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • $1,000 to Kennebec Land Trust for mapping GIS work related to trail assessment, planning and creation of a public recreational trails map for their Mt. Pisgah Conservation Area in Winthrop.
  • $2,550 to Kittery Land Trust to support an AmeriCorps work team as it helps build three miles of new trails at the Norton Preserve.
  • $1,203 to Mahoosuc Land Trust, Inc. to hire outside contractors to support enhancements to preserve signage, improving outreach and increasing community support.

2010 – 2011 Awards: Total Granted – $22,750

  • $2,050 to Coastal Mountains Land Trust towards the development of a 1.5 mile trail at the 95-acre Head of the Tide Preserve, part of the Passagassawakeag Greenway Project.
  • $2,570 to Blue Hill Heritage Trust for the creation of an information kiosk housing maps and materials about the trust and its preserves and a small, indoor “visitor’s center”.
  • $5,000 to Kennebunk Land Trust towards the creation of two 20′ span bridges, bog bridges, and a 1.5 mile walking trail that connects two previously unlinked KLT preserves with a Town of Kennebunk open space parcel.
  • $4,000 to Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust towards the purchase of an all terrain vehicle to assist with the stewardship of 35 miles of multi-use trails and 6,000 acres of fee owned conservation land. This vehicle will also be available to MDIF&W Wardens and Maine Forest Service Rangers for emergency search and rescue and firefighting, as well as to EMS personnel.
  • $4,130 to Sebasticook Regional Land Trust towards a trailhead kiosk and parking facilities, signage, gates and a brochure for the 150-acre Pleasant Lake Preserve.
  • $5,000 to Somerset Woods Trustees for planning The Kennebec Riverwalk, a 1.5 mile long, Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant trail in downtown Skowhegan. This trail will link seven SWT properties, and also connect to the Kennebec Banks Picnic Area and Historic Site.

2009 – 2010 Awards: Total Granted – $22,750

  • $3,500 to Greater Lovell Land Trust for a trailhead and parking facility for the Heald and Bradley Ponds Reserve.
  • $4,960 to Islesboro Islands Trust to enhance their stewardship capacity and improve trail infrastructure.
  • $4,800 to Kennebec Estuary Land Trust for creation of the Whiskeag Trail in Bath.
  • $5,000 to Royal River Conservation Trust to create public access and viewing platforms in the Intervale section of New Gloucester.
  • $2,000 to Western Foothills Land Trust to support the creation of public access to the Witt Swamp Preserve.
  • $2,490 to York Land Trust in support of the collaborative Gateway To Maine: Outdoors project.

2008 – 2009 Awards: Total Granted – $22,750

  • $5,000 to Androscoggin Land Trust for support a public outreach campaign around the LA Trails program.
  • $3,750 to Blue Hill Heritage Trust for website development and preserve publicity efforts
  • $4,500 to Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust for new membership and volunteer management systems and the corresponding conversion and training.
  • $4,500 to Presumpscot Regional Land Trust to support the Trust’s coordination of Phase Two of the Sebago to the Sea Trail initiative.
  • $5,000 to the Portland North Land Trust Collaborative to support the development of a Portland North Regional Conservation Plan.

2007-2008 Awards: Total Granted $22,750

  • Mahoosuc Land Trust – $4,000 for a fundraising consultant who will work with the trust on a plan and activities that will lead the Trust towards financial growth and stability.
  • Woodie Wheaton Land Trust – $2,000 to hire a summer intern who will conduct outreach to landowners on East Grand and neighboring lakes in support of the Trust’s land conservation goals.
  • York Land Trust – $4,000 to help support the municipal outreach work being undertaken by the MTA2C Coordinator.
  • Bangor Land Trust – $4,725 in support of the development of collaborative management plans for two well loved and used preserves. The process is intended to engage different user types and build support for the Trust’s ongoing work.
  • Western Foothills Land Trust – $4,025 to help jump-start the trust’s 150 acre Robert’s Farm Preserve acquisition project in Norway
  • Cape Elizabeth Land Trust – $4000 to fund the development and distribution of outreach materials in support of the Trust’s strategic lands conservation initiative.

2006-2007 Awards: Total Granted – $22,750

  • Georges River Land Trust – $4,535 for the development of four preserve management plans that will allow the Trust to manage the sensitive balance between the protection of ecologically significant resources and engagement of the public on conserved lands
  • Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust – $5,000 in support of their Great Pond Mountains Wildlands outreach program helping the Trust to capitalize on the public response to the protection of the Wildlands property.
  • Holden Land Trust – $5,000 to help this new organization engage the public in support of conservation through the creation of a membership brochure and distribution, a lecture series, and the development of appropriate organizational systems in keeping with the Land Trust Standards and Practices.
  • Royal River Conservation Trust – $4,215 to in support of the newly merged Trust’s ongoing efforts to strengthen land conservation and stewardship in the communities of the Royal River Watershed.
  • Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association – $4,000 in support of a partnership with Boothbay Region Land Trust and Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance to conduct regional conservation planning and proactive conservation in the Sheepscot watershed.

2005-2006 Awards: Total Granted – $22,750

  • Coastal Mountains Land Trust – $5,000 for expanding their service area to western Penobscot Bay enabling conservation in an area previously without a local land trust
  • Downeast Lakes Land Trust – $4,000 to help them initiate and implement actions from an organizational assessment guiding their future land conservation efforts
  • Kennebec Land Trust – $4,000 for Open Space Planning in Readfield, creating a blueprint for future land conservation to both the land trust and the town government
  • Lower Kennebec Regional Land Trust – $4,000 to determine how 3 local land trusts can best work towards meeting their collective land conservation goals for the Merrymeeting Bay / Lower Kennebec Estuary region
  • Quoddy Regional Land Trust – $2,000 for implementing critical actions identified through an organizational assessment process that will enable the organization to meet its land protection and stewardship goals
  • Woodie Wheaton Land Trust – $3,750 for a land use analysis intended to kick start an almost 5,000-acre collaborative land protection effort well underway

2004-2005 Awards: Total Granted – $12,750

  • Androscoggin Land Trust – $4,000 for administrative support to build membership and general operating revenues
  • Francis Small Heritage Trust – $3,050 for cost of a survey within the Sawyer Mountain Highlands
  • Orono Land Trust – $4,500 for staff support for the Caribou Bog-Penjajawoc Project – a collaborative project with the Bangor Land Trust
  • York Land Trust on behalf of the Mount Agamenticus Steering Committee – $1,200 for an interpretive boardwalk and kiosk