Welcome Conference Newcomers

Maine Coast Heritage Trust began convening land conservation leaders and practitioners in the early 80s. Through the years, it has become the largest annual gathering of conservationists in the state.

The Maine Land Conservation Conference brings together hundreds of conservationists, land stewards, scientists, legal professionals, students, and community members to discuss and explore the most pressing issues facing land conservation today. We share knowledge and best practices, learning from experts and one another, and are energized by inspiring speakers. Each year, Maine’s conservation community increases the impact of its work by coming together to learn and grow collaboratively. 

We welcome anyone to attend the conference and join in this celebration of nature, open space, outdoor recreation, and a commitment to conserving the wild places in Maine for future generations. The 2020 Conference, with its focus on climate change and resilience, has something for everyone who cares about responding to this critical challenge. 

If you are new to the conference, here are some workshops that may be of particular interest:

On Friday:

  • Landscape Collage: Building Resilience Through Art
  • Forestry for Maine Birds

On Saturday:

  • Our Climate, Our Story
  • Empower Your Community to Become Climate Change Agents
  • Beyond the Field Trip: Unstructured, Nature-based Play for Children
  • Forests for the Climate
  • Reflecting Place in Music
  • Land Trusts Supporting Public Health Initiatives


We are proud to offer free admission to the Saturday conference to all students. The application process is very simple. Contact Donna to learn more. 

Of course, we’d also love to have you join us at our Friday Welcoming Reception at the Brunswick Hotel and Tavern! Details coming soon.