Independent Conservation Consultants

Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) makes this list of Conservation Consultants available as a service to land trusts.

The full list at the bottom of this page includes all independent consultants submitting information. You can also view consultants with specific areas of expertise here:

MCHT does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this list, nor does it guarantee in any manner the quality of service provided by these individuals. If you provide consultant services and would like to be included on this list, contact Donna Bissett at gro.t1566653493hcm@t1566653493tessi1566653493bd1566653493.

Full List of Independent Consultants

First NameLast NamePositionOrganizationAddressCityStateZipBusiness PhoneEmailWebsiteNotes
Wright-Pierce11 Bowdoin Mill Island, Suite 140TopshamME04086(207) 725-8721moc.e1566653493creip1566653493-thgi1566653493rw@re1566653493ffahs1566653493.atin1566653493a1566653493, wastewater and infrastructure engivneering services
Maine Conservation Corps54 Independence DriveAugustaME04330(207) 624-6085vog.e1566653493niam@1566653493noita1566653493vresn1566653493oc.sp1566653493roc1566653493 Maine Conservation Corps (MCC) engages AmeriCorps members in service to accomplish a wide array of conservation initiatives, including: trail construction and maintenance, water quality monitoring, shoreline restoration, habitat management, invasive mapping, and much more. MCC staff can provide project planning assistance and advisement on funding opportunities. Get things done while fostering the next generation of conservation leaders!
James W. AbernathyConsultantJames W. Abernathy7 Melbourne AvenueSilver SpringMD20901(202) 257-8816ten.n1566653493ozire1566653493v@yht1566653493anreb1566653493aj1566653493Much experience working with conservation groups
David AllenDevelopment for Conservation608 West Dean AvenueMononaWI53716(608) 239-5006ten.l1566653493abolg1566653493cbs@p1566653493lehgn1566653493isiar1566653493dnuf1566653493https://developmentforconservation.comSpecializes in land trust development audits, plans, training and coaching; frequent presenter at Rally
David M. AndersonDavid M. Anderson365 East Main StreetYarmouthME04096-6918moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493m.nos1566653493redna1566653493.diva1566653493d1566653493Seven years GIS experience
Judy AndersonCommunity ConsultantsPost Office Box 617KinderhookNY12106-0617(518) 758-7226moc.s1566653493tnatl1566653493usnoc1566653493-ytin1566653493ummoc1566653493@yduj1566653493Land Trust Alliance Learning Center "expert" specializing in community-based outreach and fundraising strategies; has worked with MCHT, DLWA, Kennebunk LT
William A. BayreutherConsultantWilliam A. Bayreuther Grant Writing138 South RoadReadfieldME04355-3330(207) 242-6029moc.r1566653493ehtue1566653493ryabl1566653493lib@l1566653493lib1566653493 grant writing, fund raising advisory, and project management services to nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and environmentally responsible businesses
Forrest BellFB Environmental Associates, LLC97A Exchange Street Suite 305PortlandME04101-5016(207) 221-6699moc.l1566653493atnem1566653493noriv1566653493nebf@1566653493ofni1566653493 mapping, easement documentation, volunteer training, ecological services including wildlife, wetland, and vernal pool assessments. Also natural resource inventories and conservation planning. Experience serving on land trust board.
Kathy BennettDigital Marketing StrategistKathy Bennett Marketing(603) 305-7156moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493ttenn1566653493ebtak1566653493 marketing, social media management, SEO and SEM
Jerome A. BleyLand Use & EnvironmentalCreative Conservation, LLC27 Giles RoadReadfieldME04355-4138(207) 685-3872ten.i1566653493wg@ye1566653493lbj1566653493 land trusts with complex land conservation projects. Works with landowners (particularly families) to plan future of lands.
Christopher BranchSenior Project EngineerSebago Technics, Inc.75 John Roberts Road Ste 1ASouth PortlandME04106-6963(207) 856-0277moc.s1566653493cinhc1566653493etoga1566653493bes@h1566653493cnarb1566653493c1566653493 civil engineering firm serving both public and private clients in northern New England
Barbara E. BrusilaMid-Maine Forestry1320 Western RoadWarrenME04864-4463(207) 273-4046 Certified Resource Manager; has done work for MCHT, MVLT, CMLT, and GRLT.
Karen BuckConservation Impact501 S Cherry Street Ste 580DenverCO80246-1327(303) 223-4886Consulting services to help you become more focused, create stronger connections, and attract and allocate resources
Harold BurnettTwo Trees ForestryPost Office Box 356WinthropME04364-0356(207) 377-7196moc.y1566653493rtser1566653493ofsee1566653493rtowt1566653493@dlor1566653493ah1566653493 forest resource management. GIS mapping. Has done work for Chewonki Foundation, TNC, KLT, SRLT, and SWOAM.
DeborahBurwellPaddling the Rapids186 East Waldo RoadBelfastME04915-3317(207) 505-0872moc.s1566653493dipar1566653493ehtgn1566653493ildda1566653493p@bed1566653493 planning, facilitation and leadership deveopment for staff and boards
Porter D. CaesarStrategic & Fundraising Counsel to Non-ProfitsPorter Caesar, LLC in fundraising counsel to non-profits since 1997, after 30 years of experience in education as headmaster, administrator, facilitator and fundraiser.
Carol CarriuoloPaddling the Rapids12 Hammond RoadFalmouthME04105-1910(207) 504-7298moc.s1566653493dipar1566653493ehtgn1566653493ildda1566653493p@lor1566653493ac1566653493 Coaching
Tracy CassidyTracy Cassidy, CPA1 Nugget LaneBrunswickME04011-1745moc.y1566653493dissa1566653493cycar1566653493t@yca1566653493rt1566653493https://tracycassidy.comQuickbooks and Accounting consultant. Works with several local land trusts on a monthly basis reconciling banks, grant tracking, net asset reconciliation, overall review of internally produced financials and assisting with board reports. Has worked with Kennebec Estuary LT, Boothbay Region LT, Brunswick-Topsham LT, Midcoast Conservancy, others.
Eileen M. ConlonConlon Consulting Group121 Horace Mills RoadWellsME04090moc.r1566653493r.eni1566653493am@no1566653493lnoc1566653493Strategic planning and positioning, organizational behavior, worked with Tom's of Maine
SalDeCarliScientistEA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc301 Metro Center Boulevard, Suite 102WarwickRI02886(401) 736-3440 x1819moc.t1566653493seae@1566653493ilrac1566653493eds1566653493 plans, grant assistance, more
Russell A. DeContiDeConti Environmental Planning339 Durgintown RoadHiramME04041-3609moc.w1566653493k@itn1566653493ocedr1566653493Protected area planning & management, technical assistance for land trusts
Bob DemontDemont Associates2 Monument Square, 6th FloorPortlandME 4101(207) 773-3030moc.s1566653493etaic1566653493ossat1566653493nomed1566653493@ofni1566653493https://demontassociates.comFull service philanthropic and advancement counsel with over $225M in conservation projects
Alison C. DibbleStewards LLCPost Office Box 321BrooklinME04616-0321(207) 359-4659moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493cllsd1566653493rawet1566653493s1566653493Ecological inventory, plant conservation, pollinator habitat planning; has done work for CMLT & GPMCT
Christopher DorionSoil scientistC.C. Dorion Geological Services200 High Street, Suite #2DPortlandME4101(207) 944-9049 moc.s1566653493ecivr1566653493eslac1566653493igolo1566653493egnoi1566653493rod@o1566653493fni1566653493 http://www.doriongeologicalservices.comWetlands/limnology services; erosion and sediment control, cert. soil scientist
Erica C.DuboisWriter, editorBangorME04401moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493eniam1566653493.seti1566653493rw.ac1566653493ire1566653493Close to a decade of professional experience in land conservation and stewardship, writing and editing, development, and community outreach. Can help with your organization's blog posts, newsletter articles, website content, donor appeal and recognition letters, and grant applications. Willing to ghost-write op-eds and letters to the editor, and to pitch story ideas to magazines. Erica’s work has been published in Maine Women Magazine, Maine the Way, several newspapers, and online. A short sample is available, here:
David EversBiodiversity Research Institute276 Canco Road LowerPortlandME04103-4347(207) 839-7600gro.n1566653493oolir1566653493b@irb1566653493 River Land Trust has used them for management plans
Virginia FarleyLand Trust ConsultantSustainability Leaders Network30 Linden RoadHartlandVT05048-8104moc.r1566653493evird1566653493am@ye1566653493lrafv1566653493 consultant to non-profit conservation organizations conducting workshops, courses, and seminars on reflective conservation leadership, climate change, land conservation, and sense of place.
Arnie FessendenFessenden Geo-Environmental ServicesPost Office Box 2097BangorME04402-2097(207) 947-3184Environmental assessments and Haz Waste Assessments
Tim ForresterProfessional Wetland ScientistAtlantic Environmental LLC135 River RoadWoolwichME4579(207) 837-2199moc.e1566653493niamo1566653493rivne1566653493citna1566653493lta@m1566653493it1566653493 Wetland Scientist #1933 has worked in Environmental Consulting for 13 yrs. Also does marine work such as eelgrass mapping, permiting, functional assesments, etc.
Craig FreshleyGood Group Decisions98 Maine StreetBrunswickME04011(207) 729-5607moc.y1566653493elhse1566653493rf@gi1566653493arc1566653493 facilitation, dynamic talks and collaboration expertise
to help your group be more productive. Has worked with SVCA (now Midcoast Conservancy), Mahoosuc LT, and Alan Stearns, now with Royal River Conservation Trust
Kelly FrostFrost Advancement Advisors, Inc.68 Maine AvenuePortlandME04103-3824(207) 991-1932moc.n1566653493sm@ts1566653493orfyl1566653493lek1566653493 in strategic planning; development program and capital campaign management; major gift solicitation; board and volunteer recruitment, training and stewardship; has worked with Kennebec LT, KELT, 7 Lakes Alliance
Morgan W. GoodaleBiodiversity Research Institute276 Canco RoadPortlandME04103(207) 839-7600gro.n1566653493oolir1566653493b@irb1566653493 River Land Trust has used them for management plans
Kyle M. GregoryShoestring Creative GroupPost Office Box 616GardinerME04345-0616(888) 835-6236ycneg1566653493a.gni1566653493rtseo1566653493hs@st1566653493iforp1566653493non1566653493 by Scott Olsen, Conservation School
William P. HancockBill Hancock328 Center RoadGrayME04039(207) 807-5536moc.r1566653493r.eni1566653493am@hp1566653493w1566653493GIS mapping
Kristel HayesMesh Marketing Creative Group26 Brook RoadPortlandME04103-3723(207) 332-7418Digital marketing strategies, online community mgmt, wordpress web design
Jennifer D. HazardJennifer Hazardmoc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493eniam1566653493draza1566653493h1566653493 media and website content, press releases, development of collateral materials, editing, and event planning
Maureen S. HoffmanIndependent ConsultantsHoffman & HoffmanPost Office Box 621NewcastleME04553-0621(207) 586-5747ten.r1566653493etawe1566653493dit@f1566653493fohm1566653493Assistance with org. assessments, S&P compliance, governance, operations. Former ED and board officer, extensive experience in all aspects of LT work. AYO-trained
Bruce JacobsonBruce Jacobson FACILITATION+Post Office Box 116Mount DesertME04660-0116(844) 244-7345 (toll free)moc.n1566653493osboc1566653493ajecu1566653493rb@st1566653493luser1566653493 professional facilitator (CPF). Helps organizations articulate what's fundamentally important within the framework of their mission and guide them towards the results they desire through strategic thinking. Services might be rendered during a day-long session, or over the course of several months.
Peter JonesJWP Fundraising(617) 595-6077moc.l1566653493iamg@15666534931271s1566653493enojr1566653493etep1566653493Over 30 years of fundraising and leadership experience in the nonprofit sector; has worked for National Audubon, TPL and Wilderness Society
Henrietta JordanTrailmarker AssociatesKeene ValleyNY(518) 576-2079 cellgro.r1566653493ekram1566653493liart1566653493@nadr1566653493ojbh1566653493Formerly served as NE policy & assessments mgr for LTA, and as review manager for the LT Accreditation Commission; has worked with many NE LTs on strategic planning, accreditation, org assessments, board training.
Ann KearsleyAnn Kearsley DesignPO Box 716PortlandME04104(207) 756-8899moc.y1566653493elsra1566653493eknna1566653493@ka1566653493 based landscape design, connecting landscape form, spatial structure and client programming to the dynamics of a site's natural systems. Has worked for Wolfe's Neck Center.
RodneyKelshawStantec30 Park DriveTopshamME04086(207) 944-6776moc.c1566653493etnat1566653493s@wah1566653493slek.1566653493yendo1566653493R1566653493 Topsham office offers a full line of land trust support services including botanical surveys, invasive species control, baseline documentation, wetlands and vernal pool surveys, wildlife surveys, soil surveys, GIS and mapping support, and regulatory permitting. We are committed to our local communities and embody the Stantec philosophy of “designing with community in mind”!
Dawn E. KiddDawn Kidd92 Isle of Springs RoadBoothbayME04537-4039(207) 633-5660moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493ddikn1566653493wad1566653493Board development, organizational structure, management systems, public outreach and land protection projects; AYO-trained
Abby King(207) 740-8753moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493gnikl1566653493iagib1566653493a1566653493Public policy and advocacy; communications; stewardship; development; administration; program management; guiding & outdoor recreation
Donald LeuchsConservation ConsultantDon Leuchs52 Bog RoadNorth LebanonME04027ten.t1566653493sacor1566653493tem@s1566653493hcuel1566653493d1566653493Support services for LT including baseline data
Melissa LevyCommunity Roots, LLCHinesburgVT(802) 318-1720moc.s1566653493toor-1566653493ytinu1566653493mmoc@1566653493assil1566653493em1566653493 in rural community and economic development consulting. Melissa Levy is a trainer, coach, workshop facilitator, and presenter serving all of New England.
Jim ListCommunity Science NetworkPost Office Box 126HanoverME04237-0126moc.r1566653493ennur1566653493daor@1566653493tsilh1566653493j1566653493GIS Services: Digitizing land parcels; analysis, Map production for mgmnt & fund-raising
JakeMaierLicensed ForesterJM Forestry90 Lower Falls RdOrlandME04472(207) 358-0563moc.y1566653493rtser1566653493ofmj@1566653493m.j1566653493http://jmforestry.comlicensed forester in ME, serving central Maine from Gouldsboro to Camden and north to Dover-Foxcroft.
Technical Service Provider for NRCS, writes forest management plans supervise logging and general management and can help with application for the Tree Growth Tax Program. Inspector for the Tree Farm System. Has done work for Coastal Mtns LT, Great Pond Mtn LT, Sears Island and MCHT.
Nancy MarshallNancy Marshall Communications151 Capitol Street Ste 1AugustaME04330-6262(207) 623-4177moc.n1566653493evamr1566653493p@ycn1566653493an1566653493 relations, digital marketing and market research, social media, measurement and ROI. Has worked with Maine Appalachian Trail LT and many other Maine nonprofits.
Carole L. MartinIndependent consultantCarole Martin Consulting64 Masonic StreetRocklandME04841-2852(207) 712-8057moc.l1566653493iamto1566653493h@5631566653493nitra1566653493melor1566653493ac1566653493 formation and ongoing operations of complex collaborations and partnerships; community-based collaborations; guiding organizations in creating or reconsidering internal operating structures and culture; leadership transitions; board governance and strategic planning
Michelle McCarthyCreative MW229 Elm StreetSpringvaleME04083-1208(207) 651-1942moc.w1566653493mevit1566653493aerc@1566653493nosli1566653493welle1566653493hcim1566653493 Design, Marketing, Branding, Signage, Maps
Janet S. McMahonEcologistJanet McMahonPost Office Box 302WaldoboroME04572-0302(207) 832-6067NRIs, management plans, landscape-scale conservation planning (identifying focus areas and potential terrestrial and aquatic corridors). Recent work: 12 Rivers Conservation Initiative, GPMCT, BHHT, PWA, SWLA.
Aaron MegquierMaine Ecosystems LLC28 Cornerstone DriveBelmontME04952-3001(207) 975-3787moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493smets1566653493ysoce1566653493eniam1566653493NRI/ management plans/botanical inventories, rare/invasive plant surveys
Jonathan MilneAtlantic/Midwest Conservation Project ManagerLighthawk527 Tiffany RoadSidneyME04330-2040(207) 547-3584Baseline data documentation, etc.; monitoring, management plans, GIS mapping; has worked for MWWT, KLT, BRLT, TPL
Paul MirtoMirto Art StudioBrunswickME04011(207) 749-2864moc.t1566653493raotr1566653493im@lu1566653493ap1566653493 technical illustration, cartography, and graphic design services. Has worked for Appalachian Mountain Club, the U.S. Golf Association, and many national magazines and book publishers.
Nancy MooreThe Conservation Consulting Group(847) 644-1026moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493gcc.e1566653493roomn1566653493 research, analysis and evaluation to improve programs, deliver services and ultimately execute mission; more than 30 years of experience in nonprofit leadership and management; international adventure travel expedition leader
Dana Morris-JonesOrganizational ConsultantThe Delphi Group4 Carter Brook DriveScarboroughME04074-7124(207) 883-2333moc.p1566653493uorgi1566653493hpled1566653493eht@o1566653493fni1566653493 planning, leading and managing organizational change, management & executive coaching, workteam effectiveness, collaborative processes & conflict resolution; has worked with Mahoosuc Land Trust, Appalachian Trail Conservancy and other environmental nonprofits
Caroline B. NordenConsultantCaroline Norden36 Baker StreetYarmouthME04096-7928moc.r1566653493r.eni1566653493am@ne1566653493dronc1566653493Land conservation & land use, org. mgmt., strategic planning, HR, AYO-trained
Jim NordgrenConsultantJN Land Trust Services38 Bouton RoadSouth SalemNY10590-1438(914) 763-5740moc.s1566653493ecivr1566653493estsu1566653493rtdna1566653493lnj@m1566653493ij1566653493http://www.jnlandtrustservices.comManagement plans, GIS mapping, LTA accreditation, open space plans, conservation easements. Moving to Maine
Nancy PerlsonIndependent ConsultantNancy Perlson52 Winslow Pond RoadMadrid TwpME04966-5633(207) 492-1556moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493ycnan1566653493.nosl1566653493rep1566653493Former ED of Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust (18 yrs), grant writing, fundraising feasibility studies, land acquisition project management, baseline data documentation, capital campaigns, land owner and community outreach and project development
Suzi PondRedbird Media Group(207) 595 0142moc.p1566653493uorga1566653493idemd1566653493ribde1566653493r@izu1566653493s1566653493 film and video production, fundraising and nonprofit film projects, event videography, lots of work with summer camps
Julie C. PoulinOvation Fundraising Counsel LLCWestbrookME(207) 408-4299moc.r1566653493fnoit1566653493avo@p1566653493eiluj1566653493 include Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary, 30 Mile River Watershed Assoc, Healthy Acadia, and The Telling Room
ErinQuigleyPrincipalKingfisher Conservation & Recreation LLCPortlandME(603) 498-1451moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493yelgi1566653493uqnir1566653493e1566653493 a wide range of consulting services in land conservation, natural resource management, and outdoor recreation. Hire Kingfisher to jump-start an initiative that needs an effective, efficient extra hand to keep it moving; to perform temporary program-related services, like short-term volunteer management or event planning; for specialized technical services, such as GIS mapping, social media, or documentation for conservation easements; to experiment with new and novel approaches to big-picture issues.
Anne J. ReiterConnect! Consulting(207) 313-0388moc.g1566653493nitlu1566653493snoct1566653493cenno1566653493creti1566653493er@ei1566653493nna1566653493Financial management: reconcile financial records with donor database, monthly financial reports, bookkeeping. Operations management: planning and operations oversight, contract staffing for administrative, human resources, and financial admin. Fundraising: grantwriting; state or federal grantwriting, foundation grant prospect research, grant management. Has worked for Kennebec Estuary LT, Mahoosuc LT, Medomak Valley LT, Brunswick-Topsham LT, Kennebec LT
Andy RobinsonAndy Robinson Consulting LLCPO Box 350PlainfieldVT5667(802) 479-7365; years of experience working with nonprofits as a fundraiser, facilitator, trainer, consultant and community organizer. Specializes in the needs of organizations working for human rights, social justice, artistic expression, environment and community development.
Thomas S. RogersCFPPortland Financial Planning Group LLC511 Congress Street Ste 800PortlandME04101-3478(207) 771-8821moc.g1566653493pfp@s1566653493regor1566653493t1566653493Charitable giving, lifetime gifting strategies, bequests, etc.
Hope E. RowanIndependent ConsultantWestern Mountain MappingPO Box 1076Southwest HarborME04679(207) 200-7436moc.g1566653493nippa1566653493mniat1566653493nuomn1566653493retse1566653493w@naw1566653493orh1566653493http://www.westernmountainmapping.comCartography, spacial analysis, training
Sarah Ruef LindquistFinancial AdvisorAllen Insurance and Financial PlanningCamdenME(207) 236-8376moc.g1566653493fnell1566653493a@tsi1566653493uqdni1566653493lfeur1566653493s1566653493 Wealth management, financial planning, financial advisor
Libby K. RustThe Rust Communications GroupPO Box 1227York HarborME03911-1227(207) 363-3808moc.p1566653493rgsno1566653493itaci1566653493nummo1566653493ctsur1566653493@rkl1566653493The Rust Communications Group, founded in 1998, provides communications and fundraising strategies to institutions and organizations. The strategies we, together with our clients, develop and implement are designed with a single goal in mind -- providing additional resources to our client organizations. Our goal is not only to help our clients attain their immediate goals, but also to leave each organization stronger as a result of our involvement. Having worked in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and California, my track record speaks to an ability to succeed in very different institutional environments and in a variety of philanthropic communities.
Karen E. SchallerKaren Schaller Fundraising Database Consultant LLC1388 Avenue RoadExeterME04435-3407(207) 379-2032moc.r1566653493ellah1566653493csner1566653493ak@ne1566653493rak1566653493 and utilization of donor and prospect data, data conversion, custom training
Marina SchaufflerNatural Choices, LLCCamdenMEmoc.s1566653493ecioh1566653493claru1566653493tan@o1566653493fni1566653493 journalism, writer, editor
Tony ScucciIndependent ConsultantTony Scucci, MSW15 Belfield StreetPortlandME04103-2446(207) 775-2279moc.r1566653493axerp1566653493@iccu1566653493cst1566653493Senior governance associate at BoardSource; specializes in board development, executive coaching, executive transitions, managing change, team-building, board/staff relations, and strategic planning
John K. ShorbOrganizational ConsultantThe Delphi Group4 Carter Brook DriveScarboroughME04074-7124(207) 883-2333moc.p1566653493uorgi1566653493hpled1566653493eht@o1566653493fni1566653493 planning, leading and managing organizational change, management & executive coaching, workteam effectiveness, collaborative processes & conflict resolution; has worked with Mahoosuc Land Trust, Appalachian Trail Conservancy and other environmental nonprofits
Marcia Sly88 Hillside RoadBrooklinME04616-3339(207) 590-2677moc.l1566653493oa@yl1566653493saicr1566653493am1566653493Capital campaigns, publication coordination, direct mail, writing; Has worked with Great Pond Mtn CT and BHHT
Edward L. SpencerLandFutures195 Switch RoadAndoverNH03216(603) 735-5050ten.s1566653493dt@re1566653493cneps1566653493e1566653493Easement baseline documentation/current condition reports, Trail planning and design, Signage and Backcountry facilities
Steve SpencerConsultantBig Pine Consulting442 Howe RoadWhitefieldME04353(207) 462-2747moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493gnitl1566653493usnoc1566653493enipg1566653493ib1566653493http://www.bigpineconsulting.comLand and water trail planning and design. Fee and easement management planning. Extensive experience with volunteers.Visitor management problem solving. Grant writing for recreation projects. Former positions include Outdoor Recreation Planner for Maine Parks and Lands and Stewardship Director for Damariscotta River Association
Gary SternStern Consulting International65 Revere StreetPortlandME04103-4009(612) 600-9609moc.l1566653493anoit1566653493anret1566653493ninre1566653493ts@yr1566653493ag1566653493Strategic planning, strategic communications, executive transition. Has worked with Kennebec Estuary LT, MCHT, Mahoosuc LT, Blue Hill Heritage Trust, Frenchman Bay Conservancy, Downeast Salmon Federation
Lauren StockwellBiologist / ConsultantStockwell Environmental Consulting58 Hendricks Hill RoadSouthportME04576-3013(207) 633-4417moc.r1566653493ennur1566653493daor@1566653493vnekc1566653493ots1566653493http://www.stockenv.comNRI/Biologist/Consultant/wetlands delineation
SarahStricklandStrategic Wisdom PartnersPO Box 34RobbinstonME04671(207) 454-2854moc.l1566653493iamg@15666534930494s1566653493bs1566653493Sarah Strickland serves social service, education, health care, environmental and other community agencies seeking to enhance their governance, strategic, operational and impact capacities through strategic planning, program design and evaluation, business planning, and board development. Progressive system-level administrative and line management positions in large organizations honed Sarah’s financial, operations, marketing, personnel and management skills. Sarah has served on non-profit boards during significant leadership transitions, financial challenges, expansions and major fundraising efforts. Building local leadership capacity at the board, executive, and operations levels is a hallmark of her current work with organizations in Maine.
Suzanne TelfeianPhilanthropy ConsultantSue Telfeian3 Kingfisher DriveScarboroughME04074-8691(207) 838 3042moc.l1566653493iamg@1566653493flete1566653493nnazu1566653493s1566653493All aspects of philanthropy, planned giving council. Former ED LELT; former DOD MCHT
Alex Van AlenTrue North29 North Main Street Suite DIpswichMA01938-2217(978) 289-7667ten.t1566653493sacmo1566653493c@nel1566653493anava1566653493Advisory services in the areas of land acquisition and disposition, CE negotiations and review, formation of Community Conservation partnerships, more
Jeff WahlstromPresidentStarboard Leadership Consulting, LLC84 Harlow StreetBangorME04401-4947(207) 992-4400 Planning, Board Governance, Leadership and Team Development, Succession Planning
Lisa WahlstromOvation Fundraising Counsel LLC195 Norfolk StreetBangorME04401-3466(207) 992-2186moc.r1566653493fnoit1566653493avo@w1566653493asil1566653493 include Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary, 30 Mile River Watershed Assoc, Healthy Acadia, and The Telling Room
Harry WhiteEcologist, MS Forest Ecosystem Science, Yale UHarry White199 Sandy Brook RoadColebrookCT06021moc.g1566653493nirps1566653493dnim@156665349351yrr1566653493ah1566653493Applied science, baselines, stewardship, acquisitions, cartography, operations structure and support, unmanned aerial photography/documentation. Many LT clients include Northeast Wilderness Trust.