Resources for Land Trusts

MLTN assembles toolkits, administers grants, provides sample documents, and offers other resources to aid land trusts in their work.

All information, documents, sample policies, sample restrictions, etc. are intended to provide land trusts with guidance for the purpose of illustration and education.

  • Publications and Documents - Land conservation publications, sample documents and policies used by land trusts, and links to other organizations.
  • Conservation Funding - Information on available private and public land conservation funding sources.
  • Public Policy - The Maine Land Trust Network strives to make individual land trusts aware of state legislative issues that may impact their land conservation work.
  • Resources for Landowners - As a landowner, you may consider a variety of ways in which you can protect your land. Many conservation methods offer tax advantages, helping to reduce estate, income, and property taxes.
  • Independent Conservation Consultants - A listing of independant consultants who provide services to land trusts in the areas of fundraising, organizational development, land protection and more.
  • GIS Resources for Land Trusts - Geographic Information services and resources available for MLTN members.
  • Past Programs - Over the years, the Maine Land Trust Network has managed grant-funded programs on behalf of its members. The following programs are no longer active and are archived here for reference.
  • MCHT Stewardship Policies and Practices – Table of Contents with Links - Maine Coast Heritage Trust staff uses this document in its land conservation efforts. This MCHT document is designed for internal MCHT use and is provided here as a reference or guide. Each land trust has its own mission, priorities, and organizational characteristics that should direct how it does its work and what documents it uses.…