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Infoline Newsletter

Infoline is a bi-weekly e-mail newsletter with land trust news and updates.

Recent Infoline newsletters

  • MLTN Infoline – November 14, 2019 - Mental and Social Benefits of Walkable Communities, Conference Workshop Proposals Due Soon, Intern Host Organization Applications Due Soon, Fall Regional Meetings, and Free Risk Management Webinars from LTA
  • MLTN Infoline – October 17, 2019 - Call for Conference Workshop Proposals, Call for Intern Host Organizations, Fall Regional Meetings, 2019 GrowSmart Summit, Conservation Commissions & Plan Review, Maine Trails Coalition Gathering, and more
  • MLTN Infoline – September 25th, 2019 - Strategic Board Recruitment, Governor Announces Maine Climate Council, Fall Regional Land Trust Meetings, What's Your Land Trust Doing about Climate Change?, Stewardship Documents Update, Opt In: Nonprofit Communications Conference, and more
  • MLTN Infoline – September 10, 2019 - LMF Bond to Resurface in 2020, Great Maine Outdoor Weekend Around the Corner, Conveying the Significance of Nature through Story, Erosion Control Certification Workshop, Fundraising Guidance from MANP, How to Attract and Retain Quality Staff and Board, LL Bean Maine Land Trust Grants, and more
  • MLTN Infoline – August 14, 2019 - Updated Independent Consultants List, LMF Needs Your Help, 2019 Maine Coast Week & Coastal Cleanup, Municipal Stream Crossing Upgrade Workshops and Grants
  • MLTN Infoline – July 11, 2019 - MANP's Board Boot Camp, 2019 Maine Land Trust Census Report Now Available, One Maine One Health Conference, MCC Call for Fall Projects, LL Bean Maine Land Trust Grant Program
  • MLTN Infoline – June 25, 2019 - LMF Bond Hangs in the Balance, 4 Simple Steps to Building a Loyal and Engaged Audience, New Accounting Standards for Leases, Great Maine Outdoor Weekend Fall 2019, High Tide Here
  • MLTN Infoline – June 11, 2019 - Time to Spiff Up Your Land Trust's Newsletter? Maine's Wildlife Action Plan Conservation Action Tracker, Cybersecurity 101, Forestry for Maine Birds, Maine Invasive Plants Field Guide, Maine Natural Resource Conservation Program
  • MLTN Infoline – May 29, 2019 - Maine Trail Finder - better than ever!, LMF Board Welcomes New Members, Technical Assistance, Signs and Incentives Available for Grassland Bird Conservation, Beaches Conference, Places for Pollinators
  • MLTN Infoline – April 18, 2019 - New MLTN Email Forum and Website Coming Soon, Sign Up for our New MLTN Email Forum, Collins, King Back Bipartisan Bill to Permanently Fund LWCF , Chainsaw Safety Level 1 Workshop, Women's Chainsaw Safety