Past Programs

Over the years, the Maine Land Trust Network has managed grant-funded programs on behalf of its members. The following programs are no longer active and are archived here for reference.

  • Coastal Resilience Master Class - Maine Coast Heritage Trust in conjunction with the Open Space Institute is organizing and facilitating a master class that covers various subjects pertaining to coastal resilience.
  • Ed Meadows Conservation Fund Grants - The Ed Meadows Conservation Fund of the Maine Community Foundation assisted land trusts in the creation and installation of signage that facilitates interpretation and nature education on conservation land owned or held by Maine land trusts.
  • Maine Land Trust Excellence Program - The Maine Land Trust Excellence Program was designed to increase the operational quality and sustainability of Maine land trusts as they prepare to apply for accreditation through the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.
  • Standards and Practices Program - Maine Coast Heritage Trust designed the Standards and Practices Program to support and advance the operational quality and sustainability of land trusts in Maine through the implementation of a select set of Land Trust Standards and Practices.