A Checklist for Maine Land Trusts Working with Real Estate Appraisers

Over the past few years, MCHT’s Land Trust Program has been working on multiple fronts to address the ongoing challenges Maine land trusts face in obtaining qualified conservation appraisals, particularly for grant funded projects requiring yellow book appraisals. That effort has included direct outreach to current real estate appraisers, partnering with the Land Trust Alliance to brainstorm ways we might increase the pipeline of new appraisers becoming licensed, and listening to both land trusts and appraisers to consider ways to improve the appraisal process for both groups. 

Today, we’re please to be sharing a new document to help Maine land trusts when engaging an appraiser – a checklist to help you keep track of what’s needed when, to help make sure the process works as smoothly as possible. Quality contact by land trust staff and others engaging appraisers is important to ensure that appraisers want and have the tools and context necessary to take on the complicated work involving conservation transactions. The checklist provides suggestions for land trusts on preparation needed before contacting an appraiser, finding the right appraiser, information that is needed by the appraiser, and best practices for communicating with the appraiser throughout the project. The checklist is posted under the Land Protection heading on our Publications and Documents page. Take a look, give it a test run, and let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. Send an email to to share your thoughts.