Editing Your Land Trust Page

We’re pleased to invite you to edit your Trust Page!

Here is the overall process:

  1. Go to your Trust Page and click the “Update” link to log in.
  2. Edit the relevant information.
  3. Click “Update.” That’s all!

Now, we’ll go through each of these steps.

1. Go to your Trust Page and click “Update” to log in.

Navigate to your Trust page on the MLTN website. At the very bottom of the page, below your contact information, you will see a small blue “Update” link. 


Click on that “Update” link and you will next see a log-in screen. Enter your username and the temporary password you received.

To create a new password (or if you don’t remember your password), click on “Lost your password?” and look for an email with reset instructions.


After logging in, you will see your trust on the Trusts page. 

Double-click on your Trust name to open the editor. 


2. Edit the relevant information

You will now see the WordPress editing screen with the information you can update. 

The following are the editing boxes you can update.

Organization – Image

  • Upload an image to appear at the top of your page.
    The best results are from a jpeg image that is larger than 2 MB in size and is wider than it is tall.
    Don’t worry, WordPress will compress the image so it looks good and loads quickly on all connections

Organization – Image Caption

  • You can include an optional caption describing your image. 

Organization – Contact Information

  • Org – Street Address
  • Org – PO Box – Enter only number, without “PO Box”
  • Org – Town/City
  • Org – State
  • Org – Zip
  • Org – Email – Required
  • Org – Phone
  • Org – Website – Full URL
  • Org – Facebook – Full URL
  • Org – Instagram – Full URL

Main Contact Information

  • Main Contact – First Name
  • Main Contact – Last Name
  • Main Contact – Title/Role
  • Main Contact – Address
  • Main Contact – City
  • Main Contact – State
  • Main Contact – Zip
  • Main Contact – Phone
  • Main Contact – Email

Organization – Details (Not shown on website, for MLTN internal use)

  • Founded
  • Budget
  • Membership
  • Number of Staff
  • Fee Properties
  • Owned Acres
  • Easement Projects
  • Easement Acres
  • Stewardship Contact – First Name
  • Stewardship Contact – Last Name
  • Stewardship Contact – Title/Role
  • Stewardship Contact – City
  • Stewardship Contact – State
  • Stewardship Contact – Zip
  • Stewardship Contact – Phone
  • Stewardship Contact – Email

3. Click Update.” That’s all!

Once you’ve updated the relevant fields, look in the top right edit box. You can either “Preview Changes” or “Update.” When you choose Update, the page will be live with your changes.


Questions and Support

If you need any help, or have questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch with Donna Bissett by email () or by phone (207-607-4577).

We hope you’ll take this important step to help us keep your organization’s information up to date, and to help us keep you in the loop with important land trust communications.
We’re here to help!