Call for Host Organizations for the 2024 Richard G. Rockefeller Conservation Internship Program

Could your land trust use some extra hands next summer? Consider applying to host a Richard G Rockefeller Conservation Intern in 2024

Past hosts (and interns!) have raved about the experience on both ends. Land trusts get needed assistance with stewardship, programming, office support, and more, while helping to introduce the next generation to the value of land trusts in their communities. Host applications are due December 1, 2023. Intrigued? Read on!

A virtual information session will be offered on Thursday, November 2, at 11:00am. Register now. All are welcome!

The Richard G. Rockefeller Conservation Internship Program, previously named the Maine Land Conservation Summer Internship Program, is a paid summer internship program that provides opportunities to underserved Maine college-age people pursuing undergraduate, certificate, or associate degrees. We define “underserved” as students who don’t have opportunities equivalent to those offered students at more highly resourced colleges.  Eliza Stinneford is the interim program coordinator for the beginning of the 2024 program year.

MCHT works with various Maine colleges to identify and recruit interested students, and with Maine land conservation organizations who are prepared to host these students. Each student will be placed with a Maine land conservation organization for nine weeks, following one week of training at the beginning of the program, starting June 3rd.  The host organizations will be prepared to meet basic requirements regarding the work and educational experience provided to the students. Throughout the nine weeks, the program coordinator will be in contact with both host and student and provide support if needed. The program is intended to be mutually beneficial; the interns receive an education in conservation work and the hosting organizations receive assistance with their stewardship work.

 In 2024 we hope to place 11 interns with 11 conservation organizations. We recognize that things may be subject to change or deeply impacted by unforeseen circumstances such as a global pandemic. However, we will make every effort to find an intern for all participating host organizations. Each intern will work 40 hours per week, for 10 weeks (including the training week), earning $14.00 per hour. Participating organizations are required to contribute $1,000 of the $5,600 intern payment and provide housing if the intern does not live in the area of placement and requires it.

For a timeline, list of host expectations, and more, visit MCHT’s website. If you have questions, please reach out to Eliza Stinneford, interim program coordinator.