Conference Resources

Here are follow-up resources from the 2018 Conference.


During our “Everybody Has a Story” Documentary Camp this past summer, one of our students, Toby, approached a man painting fisherman shacks on Widgery Wharf. Toby was hoping to interview him about the wharf’s history. What resulted from that interview and subsequent visits to the wharf, first with pen and paper, then with camera, was the story of this man, Jackie Grant, and his life on the sea.

Toby told me that he realized that everyone, no matter their job, age, lifestyle or outward appearance, has a story to tell. He was surprised at the kindness and openness of Jackie Grant and how easy it was to talk to him and get to know him. I believe those 21 students, aged 12 to 18, felt more a part of the community at the end of that week than they had before.

Toby’s multimedia piece created with audio and photography went on to place as a semi-finalist in the 2012 New York City Digital Waves Youth Media Festival Multimedia Slam put on by WMPG’s Blunt Youth Radio Project and WNYC’s Radio Rookies.

Kelleigh and Dave

David Trahan

Bailey Bowden

What do Maine’s Natural Resources mean to you?

During the day at the Conference, attendees were invited to write a word, phrase, or sentence about what Maine’s natural resources mean to them on a paper “leaf” and tape it to our tree. We made this word cloud out of all the words people put on the tree. Pretty cool, huh?