Ash Protection Collaborative Across Wabanakik: What can land caretakers do in the face of EAB?

Wed., Jun. 26, at 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Rain Date: Thursday, June 27, 2024

Location: Androscoggin Woods Preserve, Lewiston Road, Topsham

Cost: FREE

The Ash Protection Collaboration Across Wabanakik will offer a training session for land trust staff about the various actions that can be taken to protect this culturally significant species from EAB. During the session participants will learn how to ID the three kinds of ash, monitor for Emerald Ash Borer, and collect ash inventory data from Tyler Everett, citizen of Mi’kmaq Nation, Passamaquoddy Forester, and UMaine PhD Student. PhD candidate Emily Francis will demonstrate how to scope for seed-bearing trees and plan for ash seed collection in the Fall. Professor John Daigle and Master’s Student Ella McDonald will discuss how to get involved in APCAW’s larger movement to protect this culturally important species and share access with Wabanaki basketmakers. 

Presenters: Tyler Everett, Passamaquoddy Forester, and UMaine Ph.D. Student; John Daigle, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Forest Recreation Management, School of Forest Resources, UMaine; Emily Francis, UMaine Ph.D. candidate; and Ella McDonald, Master’s student 

This event was initially sold out back in April but had to be postponed. Contact Donna to inquire whether any spaces remain available for the rescheduled session.