MLTN Lunch & Learn: Bog Ecology

Tue., May. 3, at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Bogs have a way of capturing our imagination. They have been integral to our history, culture, and way of life for generations and from these interactions, we can discern the ecology of bogs from what humans have known for thousands of years. This talk goes through bog ecology with a humanistic lens, looking at everything from the literary tradition to archaeological evidence to tradition ecological knowledge and interweaving bog ecology at each step. If time allows, we’ll also go into peatland progression and how different factors effect plant characteristics and communities.

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About the presenter:

Laura Hatmaker is a soon-to-be-graduate of the Field Naturalist Program at the University of Vermont. She worked for Maine Coast Heritage Trust last summer as an ecological consultant for part of her Master’s Project, where she surveyed Balch Head Heath, a Coastal Raised Bog Ecosystem, and Meserve Head, a Low-Elevation Spruce-Fir Forest with fringe saltmarsh. Laura starts work with SWCA Environmental Consultants this May as their Assistant Environmental Scientist at their Scarborough, ME office.