Governor Announces Maine Climate Council

Governor Janet Mills

Last week, just days before speaking at the UN Climate Summit and pledging that Maine will have a carbon-neutral economy by 2045, Governor Mills announced the membership of the Maine Climate Council.

Mills proposed the council in April, and it was enacted with bi-partisan support in the legislature soon after. Maine’s Climate Council is charged with establishing strategies and initiatives to help the state meet its greenhouse gas reductions and renewable energy generation targets as it works to combat climate change, and to make sure our communities, industries and people are resilient to the changes our state is facing.

The Climate Council will also convene several working groups from within its membership – including a Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, a Transportation Working Group, a Coastal and Marine Working Group, a Natural and Working Lands Group, and others – to focus on how the state can tackle challenges within these specific areas.  The list of Maine Climate Council members can be found here.