Land Trusts and Communities Working Together on Climate Change

Youth – the generation most at risk from climate change – are particularly well suited to solve it. They have the motivation to shift climate politics, stimulate solutions, and ultimately be agents of change.

Born out of the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust education programs, The Climate Initiative (TCI) can help land trusts harness that potential, engaging youth by helping them connect to the places they care about, accessing tools that showcase how the world can hold global warming to 1.5°C, and galvanizing them to act. TCI has programs to help you do all that, and they’re offering a $500 grant to help get your efforts off the ground.
TCI’s approach is unique: they are a non-partisan, solutions-based organization pushing for local, tangible solutions to a global challenge. Their goal is to reach 10 million youth by 2025 with their programs.  If you attended our Conference webinar on this topic, you heard from Leia Lowery how well these programs are working. and your organization can join the effort.

TCI wants to partner with land trusts and youth to reach more communities through community conversations. Here are just some of the programs TCI offers.

  • Learning Lab – TCI has developed interactive learning tools for both students and teachers that are offered totally free of charge.
  • Ambassador Program – Interested youth can receive support and resources that will empower them to help in create solutions for climate change impacts in their own community.
  • Emerging Leaders Council – The Emerging Leaders Council is a group of young decision-makers who empower youth voices for climate action by creating campaigns and projects to educate, empower, and activate youth and their local communities for climate action.
  • Community Mapping online training module – There’s no better time than now to host your own TCI Community Conversation. Working together through this process, communities collaborate to determine what places are of most importance, and ways to effect change. TCI provides the tools and support so you can lead this process in your town or service area.

Right now, TCI is offering a $500 grant to 10 land trusts to try community conversations in their localities and provide feedback to TCI. Click here to fill out an application or contact Leia Lowery if you have questions or would like more information.

Together, we can create stronger more vibrant communities.