State Legislature Affirms Land Trust Tax Exemption

6.29.17 UPDATE: With a state government shutdown looming, Governor LePage is again targeting land trusts’ tax exempt status. Read the Op Ed by Tim Glidden, David Trahan, and Kate Demsey in the Portland Press Herald.

Our efforts paid off! Over the past two days, both bodies of the Maine Legislature considered LD 727, a bill that called for the elimination of tax exemption eligibility for land trusts. Fortunately, both the House and Senate strongly opposed the measure: with the House voting 96-48 and the Senate voting 35-0 against the bill.

While an identical bill was unanimously defeated in the Taxation Committee in 2016, LD 727 had support from four of the thirteen committee members this year. MCHT sent out an alert a couple weeks ago, asking people to contact their legislators to encourage them to oppose the bill. Many did, and the strategy was effective. In fact, three of the legislators who voted for the LD 727 in committee, changed their vote and opposed the measure on the floor.

Here are the two roll call votes (“Y” is a vote in favor of land trusts):

Please contact your legislator(s) if they voted against the bill and thank them for their support. Note: since the motion in both legislative bodies was to defeat the measure, those legislators who voted yes in the roll call votes were the ones who voted against the bill.

Thanks to all who worked to defeat this bill. Please contact Jeff Romano if you have any questions.