MLTN Presents: Outdoor Adventures with Amanda

Increased visitation to preserves and trails is a continued trend in Maine and around the country. We’re excited to see so many people getting outside and benefiting from fresh air, exercise, and the solace of nature. We’ve also seen signs that some of these visitors are new to the outdoors and don’t necessarily know how to prepare for outdoor activities, or how to do their part to keep places beautiful and resilient. This was a theme of our 2021 Conference and we will continue to share ideas and tools to help land trusts spread the word about recreating responsibly. 

Today we’re excited to let you know about a new tool to spread the word about responsible use. Maine Coast Heritage Trust has put together a short, fun video that shares basic tips for getting outside safely, and we’ve branded it for the Maine Land Trust Network so you can use it, too. It’s called Amanda Takes a Walk

We encourage you to use this video in your own communications. Here’s the Vimeo link:

While no one tool or message alone is going to turn every visitor into a responsible user, this video is a relaxed way to share some good information about how to be prepared when heading outside in Maine.