Stewarding the Next Generation of Maine Conservationists

This year Maine Coast Heritage Trust launched its Conservation Internship Program as part of broader goals to foster connections between young people and protected land, and encourage the next generation of conservationists in Maine. After a competitive application process and thorough training session, five outstanding college students and recent graduates were dispatched to local land trusts and conservation organizations across Maine.

In August, the interns and their supervisors from the host organizations gathered with MCHT staff to celebrate and share stories from the first year of the three-year pilot program. Not surprisingly, no two internships were alike. And yet, despite all of the differences there were common threads woven through their experiences. MCHT’s Conservation Internship Program allowed these college students to put their theoretical studies to practical use. They learned critical life lessons, gained hard skills, found mentors, and deepened their appreciation for all that it takes to protect and care for the land. 

To those who helped support the Conservation Internship Program in its inaugural year and to the host land trusts, our deepest gratitude goes out.