South Portland Land Trust

Organization Information

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BoxPO Box 2312
Town/CitySouth Portland, Maine 04116
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Phone 207-799-5723

Service Area

South Portland

Key Facts

    Coordinating “The Neighborhood Commons Project,” an EPA funded Open Space identification, prioritization, and preservation project Participate in Earth Day and Coastal Clean-up Promote East Coast Greenway Greenbelt walkway and neighborhood parks and trails Sucessfully worked with City Council to establish a Conservation Commission and city “land bank”
    Promoting Smart Growth
    Coordinating Neighborhood Stewardship Teams across South Portland Leading an effort to make the Maine Mall area and West End of teh City more user friendly with an organized system of sidewalks & trails.

Main Contact

NameJoanna Crispe
TitleProgram Manager
AddressP.O. Box 2312, South Portland, ME 04116
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