MLTN Infoline – October 7, 2021

MCHT Conservation Easement Template with Changes for Cultural Use Considerations

The resources page contains, among other things, a plethora of documents that MCHT uses in our conservation work, including our conservation easement template. We recently made some updates to that template, including the addition of optional clauses to allow Wabanaki cultural uses of the land, which are to be detailed in separate permits or agreements. The updated easement template is the first in a trio of tools MCHT is beginning to use in our work with the Wabanaki.
Using these documents can be more complicated that you might think, and we look forward to sharing guidance and information in the near future about how Maine land trusts can utilize conservation easements, cultural use agreements, and other legal instruments to provide the Wabanaki needed access to lands they used for millennia. To get the template, visit our resources page, scroll to the section on Sample Land Protection documents, and click on Conservation Easement Template 2021-09-13. (This is a download.)
Small steps toward a better relationship with Maine’s native people,
WhitJeff, and Donna

Land for Maine’s Future Board Issues Call for Proposals

On October 4, the LMF Board approved changes to its Workbook and they will soon be issuing a call for proposals to fund new Conservation and Recreation proposals. A separate call for proposals is expected this winter for working waterfront, working forest, and agricultural easement projects. The Board announced two rounds within this call for proposals: first, a round for projects of statewide significance only, to be followed by a second round for projects of statewide significance and community projects. The Workbook and details on how to apply will be posted to the LMF website. Read our post for more details on timing, what constitutes a project of statewide significance versus community projects, and more.
LMF Director Sarah Demers will be participating in upcoming MLTN Regional Meetings (next block) to provide additional information. Feel free to contact Jeff Romano if you have any questions.

Western Mountains and Inland Regional Land Trust Meeting Scheduled

Each year, MLTN gathers land trusts and their partners together in different regions of the state to connect and discuss issues of common interest. In addition to having dates for the Downeast and Penobscot Bay region meetings, we have now scheduled our Western Maine and Inland meeting for November 2nd, 11am-1pm. For details on the regions and dates of meetings as they are finalized, visit the Upcoming Events page of the MLTN website. If you’d like to attend, email us and specify which regional meeting you’d like to attend.

Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act

Maine Coast Heritage Trust and others have raised concerns over the past couple of years about a tax shelter scheme, often referred to as syndication, that is designed to generate profits from so-called charitable donations for conservation easements. Because it has the potential to erode confidence in the conservation tools essential to our work, syndication is bad for landowners, land trusts, and the system of fair tax deductions that promotes land conservation. The Land Trust Alliance and many national partners have been working hard to end this abusive practice and are helping guide the Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act (H.R. 4164 and S. 2256) through Congress. That legislation has been included in the reconciliation package for infrastructure that is currently before Congress. 
We encourage you to read our recent post on this topic, and to be on the alert if anyone contacts you promoting syndication in Maine.

Financial Leadership for Nonprofits

Six 75-minute sessions, Wednesdays, Oct. 13-Nov. 17, 2021
Cost: MANP members* $95; Nonmembers $190
Join this six-week course to sharpen your ability to lead the financial management of your organization. From budgeting to cash management, cost/benefit analysis, and more, you will learn best-practice fundamentals to lead your organization with confidence. Additionally, you will be provided with a comprehensive set of Excel tools to simplify and enhance your ability to monitor, analyze, and report your financial condition. These tools, when combined with your usual accounting software, offer you the visualization and functionality of a much more sophisticated (and expensive) software.
You also have the option of adding individual consulting with the host, Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA), to this course, which includes up to six hours of one-on-one support with MNA to discuss your organization’s financial management processes and support in implementing the tools provided.
Visit MANP’s website for details on other benefits of this course, what will be covered in each of the six sessions, and the link to register.
*Most MLTN members are MANP members. Contact us to check on your MLTN membership status.

Anti-Racism Organizing in Maine (AROM) Gathering

Saturday, October 16th, 2021 – Virtual Event
Cost: sliding scale from $0 to $100
Hosted by Community Change Inc. and Atlantic Black Box
You are invited to take part in a convening of organizers, activists, leaders, and educators committed to the movement for racial justice in Maine. The goal of the AROM Gathering is to move our local Maine communities deeper into antiracism organizing through education and dialogue, relational connection, and collective action. This event gives us an opportunity to sharpen our regional historical context for antiracist action, highlight the local activists and community members making change, and organize together to build a stronger community and a more equitable state. For information on speakers and goals for this gathering, and to purchase tickets, click here.

Developing the Next Generation(s) of Conservation Leaders

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021
Cost: $70 for LTA members; $100 for nonmembers
Who will champion your mission in 10, 20, 30 years? Are you developing a strong pipeline of leaders, donors and volunteers who will support your organization in the future? There are easy steps you can take today to tailor your communications and outreach to engage a younger demographic (and no we’re not talking about posting on social media and checking the “Millennial or GenZ outreach” box on your strategic plan). Learn how Gallatin Valley Land Trust put their mission and vision in the hands of a NextGen Advisory Board that has enabled the land trust to become wildly successful at reaching new people, raising money and staying relevant to a shifting demographic.
Visit the Land Trust Alliance website for details and registration.

Having the Tough DEIJ Conversation

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Cost: $70 for LTA members; $100 for nonmembers
Do you face internal resistance to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice work from leaders who struggle to connect the dots between DEIJ and conservation? Do your staff have to navigate difficult conversations with external constituents, including donors, contractors and landowners, who may have a very different set of values? In this webinar, DEI experts Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin and Ava Holliday will help prepare and support you in having the difficult conversation to bring leaders and partners along. Here is a look at what we’ll cover:
  • Key “whys” for DEIJ work that may resonate with various constituencies so you can pick the right “why” in the moment to build buy-in
  • How resistance to DEIJ work arises (e.g., “it’s mission creep,” “we’re about land not people” “it’s political”)
  • Tools to have difficult and productive conversations with people who are either apathetic or are actively resistant to DEIJ, especially if their values conflict with DEIJ values.
Visit the Land Trust Alliance website for details and registration link.

Diverse Recruitment and Hiring Strategies

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021
Cost: MANP members $15*; nonmembers $29
This event is made possible thanks to a partnership between Maine Association of Nonprofits and the Alliance for Arizona Nonprofits
Learn more about auditing and revamping your nonprofit’s recruitment and hiring strategies through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. You’ll leave this webinar with at least a handful of immediate levers to pull on your teams, such as:
  • Understanding of the key components of a recruitment and hiring process audit through the lens of diversity and inclusion, from employer branding all the way through to interviews and onboarding
  • A case study about a local non-profit’s recent hiring audit and revamping journey
  • Concrete tactics for implementing in their own organizations
  • Resources to leverage as next steps
Learn more and register at MANP’s website.
*Most MLTN members are MANP members. Contact us to check on your MLTN membership status.

Jobs in the Conservation Sector

Here are the newest job postings since our last newsletter. Click here for full list.
Senior Outdoor Educator – AMC Guided Outdoors
Outreach Manager – Island Heritage Trust
Resident Caretaker(s) – Great Works Regional Land Trust
Director of Development – Maine Farmland Trust
Director of Development – Georges River Land Trust